Carey Ng Resign as National Director Miss Universe Malaysia

Fans page  official of Miss Universe Malaysia announced that Carey Ng resigned as National Director. This news obviously shocking for us since some time ago , Carey uncover out that he would try , Kiran success in Miss Universe 2016.   

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng was appointed as the national director of the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization (MUMO) in September 2014.She received criticism from pageant fans over the crowning of Miss Universe Malaysia 2015, Vanessa Tevi. The results was also criticized by French fashion and beauty expert, Inès Ligron on her Facebook posting.


Deborah Henry ~ Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

                                          Elaine Daly  ~ Miss Universe Malaysia 2003

Nadine Ann Thomas ~ Miss Universe Malaysia 2010

Yasmin Yusoff – Miss Universe Malaysia 1978 

Andrea Fonseka – Miss Universe Malaysia 2004 

According to rumors there are five names were called as the new national director of Miss Universe Malaysia : Deborah Henry , Elaine Daly , Nadine Ann Thomas , Yasmin Yusoff  and Andrea Fonseka.

Elaine and Andrea had become national director of Miss Universe Malaysia . Andrea Fonseka and Deborah Henry is most expected to become National Director of Miss Universe Malaysia .

We wait for official news organization of Miss Universe Malaysia`~~~~~ 




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