Chloe Kempson, Miss Supranational Scotland 2017.

Chloe Kempson, Miss Supranational Scotland 2017! Chloe is 25 years old and stands 1,72 m tall. She studies Psychology and has a balanced life style. She meditates everyday and practices yoga daily.


Miss World 2017 Contestants | Miss World Mexico || Andrea Meza


Designer: Amaraby

Description: Yellow evening dress made of silk, in shape of a column with an opening in the front. The tail is the main frame of the design and the shoes are and essential part of the outfit.


JAGUAR – Chiapas, México
Pottery jars painted with jaguar motifs


Source : Miss World Site

Miss World 2017 Contestants | Miss World Canada || Cynthia Menard

Miss World 2017 Contestant : Miss World Philippines | Laura Lehmann




Designer: Mark Bumgarner

Description: Sheer ivory fabric dress, fully beaded and encrusted with crystals in geometric patterns. It will also feature cascading side drape that continues to the back as a train”

Source : Miss World Web