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Daria Kartyshova |Miss Earth Russia 2018

Miss Earth Russia 2018 Daria Kartyshova (center) with Krasa Rossii 2017 Alexandra Tsyrenova and Krasa Rossii 2018 Yana Voyt. (Photo by Artur Lebedev)

Daria Kartyshova, a 23-year-old ballroom dancer from Nizhny Novgorod will represent Russia at the 2018 Miss Earth finals.
Kartyshova is one of the winners of Krasa Rossii (Beauty of Russia) 2017-18 pageant. The other winners were Yana Voyt of Moscow (Krasa Rossii 2018) and Alexandra Tsyrenova of the Republic of Buryatia(Krasa Rossii 2017).

Kartyshova graduated from the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod. No stranger to pageants, she won Miss Nizhny Novgorod 2017 last October.
Last year’s Krasa Rossii winner Lada Akimova competed in Miss Earth and bagged the Miss Fire elemental title. 

Miss Earth | Congratulations to @francysudnicka the new national director of Miss Earth Poland!


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She was born in the city of Valencia, Venezuela and lived in Poland until her adolescence. She then moved back to Venezuela to pursue pageantry, before returning for good to Poland.

She is noted for being the second former contestant of the Miss Venezuela pageant (after Natascha Börger) to win the right to represent another country at the Miss Universe pageant. 

Francys Mayela Sudnicka was born on 9th December 1979 in¬†Valencia, Venezuela. Through her family’s¬†Polish¬†ancestry, Sudnicka’s parents were able to move to¬†Poland¬†with her when she was 2 years old.¬†Sudnicka went to school in Poland and lived there until adolescence. Despite this, she never lost¬†Venezuelan citizenship¬†and was therefore able to represent Venezuela at¬†beauty pageants. For this purpose, Sudnicka temporarily returned to Venezuela in 2002.

In 2003, Sudnicka was named a semifinalist in the Miss Centroccidental preliminary, one of the largest selections of candidates for¬†Venezuela‘s powerful national pageant. The judges gave away the titles of six states but did not select Sudnicka. However, the president of the Miss Venezuela pageant, overruled them and ordered that Sudnicka be sent to Caracas to prepare for the¬†Miss Venezuela 2003¬†pageant. Sudnicka was appointed as the representative of the¬†state of Trujillo, placing in the top ten.

Sudnicka represented the¬†Polish community¬†in¬†Venezuela¬†in the 2005¬†Miss Polonia¬†contest. The winner of the contest was appointed to¬†Miss World¬†while Sudnicka, a Runner-up, was appointed as Poland’s¬†Miss Universe¬†representative.

In December 2005, Sudnicka was preparing for the Miss Universe 2006 title, following Natascha Börger as the second alumna of the Miss Venezuela pageant to seize a foreign crown after an unsuccessful participation in the Miss Venezuela preliminary. Since Börger was highly successful representing Germany in international pageants, Sudnicka was a clear favourite to become at least a runner-up at Miss Universe, but she unplaced.  After moving back to Poland, Sudnicka also competed in the Miss Earth 2006 pageant in Manila, Philippines against 82 other women as Miss Earth Poland. She placed in the top 8.


Miss Earth | New National Director for Ecuador? She‚Äôs Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin.


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Katherine Elizabeth Esp√≠n¬†(born 15 November 1992)¬† who was appointed as¬†Miss Earth Ecuador 2016.¬†¬†She is best known as the winner of the¬†Miss Earth 2016¬†pageant,making her the second¬†Miss Earth¬†winner from Ecuador next to¬†Olga √Ālava¬†who won the crown in¬†2011.

When I was 9 years old I traveled to¬†United States¬†to study and live with my parents who were working there. I finished elementary and high school in¬†New York City, I lived there for 6 and a half years. During my school years I was able to get many academic achievements such as student of the month, principals honor roll, science fair awards during 4 years, art awards in a competition in New York state. I also had sports awards and among them was track race winner. Due to my parent’s occupation I couldn‚Äôt spent much time with them so I had to learn to be very independent since I was 11 years old, for example I had to travel by train to go to school by myself, stay home alone and learn how to cook because my parents were always working. All those experiences made me a strong independent woman and I thank my parents for that. It wasn‚Äôt easy but we made it possible together as a family. I had an amazing childhood life but lonely for 13 years because I was a single child until my sister was born when I was 13. I had facial paralysis when I was 13 and had to struggle with that for a while during my childhood.”

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Now,¬†She‚Äôs¬† New National Director Miss Earth Ecuador… Congratulations!¬†