The new Miss Universe Japan national director is Hiroko Mima.


She was the official representative for Japan at the Miss Universe 2008 pageant which took place in Nha TrangVietnam on July 14, 2008. She made the first cut by advancing to the top 15 finalists competing in the swimsuit round, and was ultimately placed in 14th position, being the highest placed Asian delegate to make the cut.

Hiroko Mima was trained for the pageant by her national pageant director Ines Ligron, who also took Korea’s candidate Sun Lee under her wing. Mima continued Japan’s stake in the Miss Universe pageant by placing in the semi-final for a consecutive third time, despite not being favoured by numerous pageant sites as a potential semi-finalist.

Hiroko was the first contestant in the history of Miss Universe to wear a purse during the evening gown portion of the presentation show. In 2009, Mima placed in the top 32 Grand Slam Beauties.  Mima has recently trained and prepared Emiri Miyasaka for Miss Universe 2009. Now, She Is The new National Director for Miss Universe Japan. 





Miss Universe Japan 2018 | Yuumi Kato

Yuumi Kato, emerged as the winner of Miss Universe Japan 2018, during a low profile event held at the Hotel Chinzanso in Tokyo.  The young lass can speak four languages – Japanese, English, Malay and Chinese – and is reported to have grown up in Malaysia.

The runners-up were the representatives of Tokyo, Hokkaido and Niigata.  Kanagawa’s representative was also one of the Top 5, but did was not recognized as a runner-up.

The new Miss Universe Japan national director is Hiroko Mima, who was Japan’s representative at Miss Universe 2008, held in Vietnam.



Binibining Pilipinas 2018


Binibining Pilipinas 2018, was the 55th edition of Binibining Pilipinas pageant billed as “Binibining Pilipinas Emerald,” that took place at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon CityPhilippines on March 18, 2018. 

Miss Universe Philippines 2018: #20 Catriona Gray

Bb Pilipinas International 2018: #17 Ma. Ahtisa Manalo

Bb Pilipinas Intercontinental 2018: #38 Karen Gallman

Bb Pilipinas Globe 2018: #19 Michele Gumabao

Bb Pilipinas Grand International 2018: #32 Eva Patalinjug

Bb Pilipinas Supranational 2018: #31 Jehza Huelar

1st runner-up: #1 Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton

2nd runner-up: #14 Samantha Bernardo


(Photo | @shiereyes) 

Special awards:

Pitoy Moreno National Costume Award: #20 Catriona Gray

Miss Ever Bilena: #20 Catriona Gray

Jag Denim Queen: #20 Catriona Gray

Manila Bulletin Award: #14 Samantha Bernardo

Miss Friendship: #8 Shane Quintana Tormes

Best in Talent: #8 Shane Quintana Tormes

Miss Photogenic: #32 Eva Patalinjug

Best in Swimsuit: #20 Catriona Gray

Miss Philippine Airlines: #3 Muriel Orais

Best in Swimsuit: #20 Catriona Gray

Best in Long Gown: #20 Catriona Gray

Miss Creamsilk: #19 Michele Gumabao

Top 15:

  • #3 Muriel Orais
  • #21 Anjame Magbitang
  • #26 Wynonah Buot
  • #15 Juliana Kapeundl
  • #35 Sandra Lemonon
  • #11 Aya Abesamis
  • #24 Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
  • #1 Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton


Top 25:

  • #13 Kristie Rose Cequeña
  • #7 Sigrid Grace Flores
  • #35 Sandra Lemonon
  • #10 Kayesha Chua
  • #26 Wynonah Buot
  • #15 Juliana Kapeundl
  • #21 Anjame Magbitang
  • #4 Ana Patricia Asturias
  • #23 Ena Velasco
  • #39 Trixia Marie Maraña
  • #14 Samantha Bernardo
  • #1 Vickie Marie Milagrosa Rushton
  • #9 Agatha Romero
  • #24 Edjelyn Joy Gamboa
  • #34 Mary Joy de Castro
  • #8 Shane Quintana Tormes
  • #19 Michele Gumabao
  • #37 Patrizia Garcia



MUO President Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

MUO President Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations to the Miss Universe Organization President, Paula Shugart, on winning the Lifetime Achievement Award at The Global Beauty Awards.

“The Global Beauty Awards aims to bring awareness to the pageant community and highlight the excellence of those involved. Exterior beauty has often been the focal point, but those involved can tell you first hand that pageantry is one of the greatest experiences for building confidence, speaking abilities, and learning how to properly network in professional settings. Pageant participants have become extremely successful as entrepreneurs in business, medicine, engineering, sports, television, movies, entertainment and so much more.”

Many of our titleholders’ have achieved their goals after their reign as Public Speakers, Influencers, Philanthropists, Models, Actresses, and so on.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors someone who brings value to peers, business and/or professional industries globally. The honoree promotes and gives back to the pageant community.

We congratulate MUO President, Paula Shugart, on her dedication, hard work, and passion that she brings to the pageant community on a global level.

Puteri Indonesia 2018


Puteri Indonesia 2018, the 22nd Puteri Indonesia pageant was held on March 9, 2018. Bunga JelithaPuteri Indonesia 2017 of Jakarta Special Region 5 crowned her successor, Sonia Fergina Cetri from Bangka Belitung at the end of the event. She defeated 38 other candidates to win the title of Miss Universe Indonesia 2018 and will now represent Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2018.

The runners-up, Vania Fitryanti from Banten and Wilda Octaviana Situngkir from Kalimantan Barat will go to Miss International 2018 and Miss Supranational 2018 respectively. The finale was graced by Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters of South AfricaMiss International 2017 Kevin Lilliana of Indonesia and Miss Supranational 2017 Jenny Kim of South Korea.

Final Results Contestant
Puteri Indonesia 2018
(Miss Universe Indonesia)
  • Bangka Belitung – Sonia Fergina
Puteri Indonesia Lingkungan 2018
(Miss International Indonesia)
  • 2nd, silver medalist(s) Banten – Vania Fitryanti
Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2018
(Miss Supranational Indonesia)
  • 3rd, bronze medalist(s) West Kalimantan – Wilda Octaviana
Top 11
  • West Sumatra – Resti Asda
  • Lampung – Shafira Bella
  • Jakarta Special Capital Region 2 – Asti Wulan
  • Jakarta Special Capital Region 4 – Jesslyn S.Ilkom
  • Jakarta Special Capital Region 6 – Karina Basrewan
Top 6
  • South Sumatra – Berliana Permatasari
  • Central Java – Kidung Paramadita
  • Yogyakarta Special Region – Dilla Fadiela

Special Award[edit]

Title Contestant
Puteri Indonesia Persahabatan
(Miss Congeniality)
Puteri Indonesia Intelegensia
(Miss Intelligence)
  • 1. Jesllyn
  • 2. Sonia Fergina Citra
  • 3. Resty Asda
Puteri Indonesia Berbakat
(Miss Talent)
Best Traditional Costume
Best Evening Gown

Puteri Indonesia Kepulauan

Favorite Contestant by votes on Instagram from each group Island:




Puteri Indonesia Sumatera
(Princess of Sumatra)
Puteri Indonesia Jawa
(Princess of Java)
Puteri Indonesia Nusa-Bali
(Princess of Lesser Sunda Islands)
Puteri Indonesia Kalimantan
(Princess of Kalimantan)
Puteri Indonesia Sulawesi
(Princess of Sulawesi)
Puteri Indonesia Timur
(Princess of Eastern Indonesia)


Contestants who previously experienced in model/ambassador or beauty pageants:

  • AcehNandiya Deva Puspa Dewi was Smart Model Look 2015, Indonesian Model Aceh 2015 and (1st Runner-up) Indonesian Model HUNT 2015.
  • RiauFirsi Alda Feligia was Volleyball athlete.
  • Riau IslandsYessy Fouryana was (1st Runner-up) Indonesia Top Model Kota Batam.
  • JambiAmalia Soleha Syaihu was Gadis Jambi 2013, Gadis Remaja Jambi 2012 and (Runner-up) Upik Sarolangun 2013.
  • South SumatraBerliana Permatasari was (1st Runner-up) Putri Sriwijaya 2016.
  • Bangka BelitungSonia Fergina Citrawas Top 10 Miss Oriental Tourism 2012 in Singapore, Putri Pariwisata Bangka Belitung 2010, Dayang Belitung 2007, Photogenic Dayang Bangka Belitung 2007, Model Mall Atrium in Style 2005, (1st Runner-up) Wajah Model Remaja Bangka Belitung 2005 and (2nd Runner-up) Wajah Model Remaja Jakarta 2005.
  • BengkuluWita Ayu Aflida was (1st Runner-up) Puteri Indonesia Bengkulu 2015.
  • LampungShafira Bella Sukma was Muli Mekhanai Pringsewu, Lampung 2017 and (Runner-up) Duta Museum Lampung 2017.
  • Jakarta SCR 1Aura Febryannisa was Best National Costume Miss Global Beauty Queen 2016 in Korea and (2nd Runner-up) Miss Earth Indonesia 2016.
  • Jakarta SCR 2Asti Wulan Adaninggar  was Putri Batik Nusantara 2015, (1st Runner-up) Miss Earth Indonesia 2016, (Top 3) Putri Pariwisata Indonesia Jawa Tengah 2016 and (Top 10) Puteri Indonesia Jawa Tengah 2016.
  • Jakarta SCR 3Mellisa Fortunitawas Miss Tourism Queen of the Year Indonesia 2017 and Putri Pariwiwsata Indonesia DKI 2 2017.
  • Jakarta SCR 5Agnes Tifani was Miss Auto Show 2017.
  • BantenVania Fitryanti Herlambang was Young Leaders for Indonesia Regional Wave 4.
  • West JavaTria Devitasari was Puteri Pariwisata Jawa Barat 2016 and Miss Chocolate Jawa Barat 2016.
  • Central JavaKidung Paramadita was (3rd Runner-up) Miss World Indonesia 2016 representing Lampung and Putra & Putri Kampus (Papika) Unnes 2012.
  • D.I. YogyakartaDilla Fadiela[16] was Wajah Femina-Busana Nasional Wajah Femina 2016 and Actor at Surga yang Tak Dirindukan.
  • East JavaAlsya Sekar[17] was Guk & Yuk Sidoarjo 2012.
  • BaliAnak Agung Ayu Mirah Cynthia[18] was Duta Endek Kota Denpasar 2016,
  • West Nusa TenggaraBaiq Kiky Kirana[19] was Dedara Mataram 2016, Dedara Expresi 2014 and Puteri Bunga 2014.
  • East Nusa TenggaraMelati Kirana[20] was Duta Wisata Indonesia NTT 2017 and Putri Pariwisata Kota Kupang 2016.
  • West KalimantanWilda Octaviana Situngkir[21] was (Finalist) Miss Earth Indonesia 2017 and (1st Runner-up) Putri Pariwisata Kuburaya Kalimantan Barat.
  • South KalimantanPutri Intan Kasela[22] was Putri Kalimantan Selatan 2017.
  • Central KalimantanEpiscia Puspita Lautt[23] was (3rd Runner-up) Putri Citra Indonesia 2017, Gita Puja Wyata, (1st Runner-up) Putri Pariwisata Kota Palangkaraya 2011 and (Finalist) Olimpiade Penelitian Siswa Indonesia 2010.
  • East KalimantanCahaya Nur Hikmah[24] was Wajah Femina Model, Putri Dirgantara 2017, Busana Terbaik dalam Parade Busana Daerah se-Indonesia TMII 2015, (1st Runner-up) Putri Pariwisata Kalimantan Timur 2014 and Kalimantan Timur Delegation at Busana Daerah di Pekan Raya Bali 2012 – 2016.
  • North KalimantanDesti Ayu Damayanti[25] was Model Hijaber.
  • South SulawesiAdlina Nadhilah[26] was None Jakarta Barat 2015.
  • Southeast SulawesiDiviayu Wulandari[27] was Putri Pariwisata Sulawesi Tenggara 2017, (1st Runner-up) Putri Citra Indonesia 2015, (2nd Runner-up) Miss Coffee Indonesia 2017.
  • Central SulawesiSinar Wulandary Falembay[28] was Paduan Suara Jambore Pemuda Indonesia dan ASEAN 2013, Duta IM3 Sulawesi Tengah 2013, Swimming Champion 850 meter Malang 2013, Top Model Palu 2012, Best Photogenic N2C Competition Modeling 2012, Marathon Champion Palu 2011, Duta Belia Sulawesi Tengah 2011, Paskibraka Sulawesi Tengah 2011 First Champion Volleyball Palu 2005, (1st Runner-up) Fashion Show Stik 2012, (2nd Runner-up) Mathematics Contest Palu 2005, (2nd Runner-up) CERPEN Festival 2004, (Top 10) Gading Model Search Female 2017 and (Top 10) Lady Rose Top Model 2017.
  • North SulawesiStevany Carolin was Nona Manado 2016.
  • West PapuaLiberty Chelsea Anny Rumbruren was Wajah Femina Model 2017
  • PapuaYuliana Pitornella Fotanabawas Duta Muda ASEAN Papua 2017 (ASEAN Youth Ambassador of Papua).