The 65th annual MISS UNIVERSE® Competition : best fitness tips with us that you can use to inspire your fitness routines for 2017.

Photo by Ivan Dumont


Miss Universe contestants from around the world shared their best fitness tips with us that you can use to inspire your fitness routines for 2017. Check out how their advice on how to get and stay in shape in the New Year below!

Stay hydrated. 

In my opinion, hydration is something that is often times overlooked. It is exceedingly important that one is getting sufficient water throughout the day and whilst exercising. When I’m dehydrated, I find that I cannot perform at my highest peak, I experience fatigue, dizziness and muscle cramps, especially at my calves,” said Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal. “I sometimes drink lemon infused water for a refreshing feel.”

Miss Universe Chile 2016 Catalina Paz Cáceres, Miss Universe Netherlands 2016 Zoey Ivory, Miss Universe Nigeria 2016 Unoaku Anyadike, Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medinae, Miss Universe Spain 2016 Noelia Freire, Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were and Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Shannon Harris all agree that drinking a lot of water, especially while working out, is a major key to staying in shape. Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs even shared that she drinks around five liters of water a day.

“Drink water in the morning before breakfast,” said Miss Universe Paraguay 2016 Andrea Melgarejo.

Make a workout playlist!

“Listen to upbeat songs when you workout,” said Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou. “I find that I am more pumped up and energetic when I do.”

Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath agrees, saying, “Have a workout playlist. Songs that are upbeat and make you want to dance. This allows you to get in a more intense workout.”

“If you listen to the music that you like you will be motivated during all your training,” according to Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach.

Keep it fun!

Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell believes you should, “Find what you love to do.  Fitness should not be a chore, but rather something we love to do that makes us feel good from the inside out.  A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  Whether it’s yoga, running, or lifting weights (or all of the above), find what you enjoy.”

Finding a fitness buddy is also a great way to keep your workouts fun and help you stay motivated!

“Practice with someone you love and have fun with, it makes it easier to persist,” shared Miss Universe Israel 2016 Yam Kaspers Anshel.

“Enjoy it! Make it a pleasure and something that you look forward to rather than a chore,” said Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner. “I find that training with friends helps me as I look forward to socializing with them and we also motivate each other, too.”

Stay consistent.

“Consistency is key! For me, it is important to focus on maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle every day of the week. My goal is to cherish and love the body I am in, not shock it or starve it. I do not do well with crash diets and I truly believe that system is not a sustainable alternative for living a fit life. I focus on making healthy decisions a daily routine,” said Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter. “Portion control, selecting healthy options at every meal, and staying active throughout the day are a few ways that I try to stay consistently fit and health.”

Miss Universe Albania 2016 Lindita Idrizi agreed that “consistency” is key to achieving your fitness goals. Miss Universe Belgium 2016 Stephanie Geldhof also said, “You need to keep going and never give up to get to your goal. That’s very important. You will not see results after one of two trainings. It’s a lot of effort and time, but it’s really worth it.”

In addition to staying consistent in the gym, it’s also important to stick to a consistent diet in order to achieve your fitness goals.

“Do not skip meals; eating less is not the way. When you skip a meal, your metabolism is slow, because without food your body will go into starvation mode, you can even get sick, you could run low on nutrients,” shared Miss Universe Ecuador Connie Jiménez. “Organize your meals; be responsible with your body.”

Miss Universe Costa Rica 2016 Carolina Duran, Miss Universe Bolivia Antonella Moscatelli, and Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser agree that it’s important to have a healthy, balanced diet.

[It’s important to have] a balanced diet that entails the consumption of raw vegetables, avoiding sweets and sugar and drinking a lots water and avoiding sodas, and of course being consistent in the gym,” said Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 Isabel Dalley.

Try a new workout!

“I try to add new things in my workouts, so I don’t get bored,” said Miss Universe Kosovo Camila Barraza.

Miss Universe contestants shared some of their favorite workouts with us that you could definitely try if you’re looking to switch-up your fitness routine in 2017, including boxing, yoga and swimming!

“I love attending box-fit classes or personal training sessions where I know that I am going to be pushed to my limits,” said Miss Universe Australia 2016 Caris Tiivel.

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba Abreu likes does yoga and Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy enjoys swimming to stay in shape.

Miss Universe Bulgaria 2016 Violina Ancheva also told us about the Bulgarian bag, saying, “The Bulgarian bag is a fitness tool that weights about 8 kg. It is used mostly to shape the waist. I use ‘Bulgarian bag’ a lot in my fitness program and I think it is very effective.”

The 65th annual MISS UNIVERSE® Competition : We asked this year’s Miss Universe contestants what “words of wisdom” they live by

The 65th annual MISS UNIVERSE® Competition : We asked this year’s Miss Universe contestants what “words of wisdom” they live by. Check out some of their favorite inspirational mantras below and feel free to adopt one as your own!


Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: “You have to do something you have never done to get results you have never gotten.”

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiran Jassal: “You can’t score without goals.”

Miss Universe Finland 2016 Shirly Karvinen: “My mother has always told me that my dreams are not going to come and get me from the sofa. If I want to accomplish something I must get up and work for it.”

Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: “You owe it to yourself to be the best version you can be!”




Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou: “Always be positive and never back down from any obstacle that you face in life. Every experience is a stepping stone towards greater things in life, and any setbacks or failures is a way for you to learn and shape the person that you are to be in the future.”

Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell: “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

Miss Universe Denmark 2016 Christina Mikkelsen: “Be thankful for struggles you go through. They make you stronger. Don’t let them break you, let them make you.”

Miss Universe Nicaragua 2016 Marina Jacoby: “A dream without acting on it is just an illusion.”

Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: “Go to bed with a dream, wake up with a purpose.”

Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner: “If at first you don’t succeed….try again! The miracle isn’t that you finished, it’s that you had the courage to start.”

Miss Universe Myanmar 2016 Htet Htet Htun: “Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.”


Miss Universe Czech Republic 2016 Andrea Bezdekova: Life has become immeasurably better since I have been forced to stop taking it seriously

Miss Universe Aruba 2016 Charlene Leslie: “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.”

Miss Universe France 2016 Iris Mittenaere: “With a brave heart nothing is impossible, because if you are courageous and you want to make it deeply with your heart, you can achieve anything, go threw many obstacles but you’re sure to finish the race cause nothing is impossible.”

Miss Universe Hungary 2016 Veronika Bódizs: “You become what you think about most of the time. What you give you get back. Life is what you make it. The most important value is love.”

Miss Universe Australia 2016 Caris Tiivel: “Always treat others how you would like to be treated.”

Miss Universe Iceland 2016 Hildur Maria: “Everything you need for a happy life is within yourself.”

Miss US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: “Follow your heart and trust your instincts.”


Miss Universe Perú 2016 Valeria Piazza: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach: “The work, discipline and effort required to participate in the contest is enormous. Every day there are classes, training and activities that demand total delivery and teach you that to achieve the goals you must fight for them.”

Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were: “NEVER GIVE UP!”

Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson

The 65th annual MISS UNIVERSE® Competition : Fitting and Register

The 65th annual MISS UNIVERSE® Competition : Fitting and Register 

Miss Universe Kenya 2016 and Miss Universe Namibia 2016 at registration and fitting for the Miss Universe Competitions. 

Miss USA 2016 and Miss Universe Thailand 2016 at registration and fitting for the Miss Universe Competitions. 

Miss Universe Mexico at registration and fitting for the Miss Universe Competitions.


The 65th Miss Universe Pageant : Press Conference Miss Universe Indonesia ~ Kezia Warouw


National Costume @keziawarouw Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 is UNITY NATION – eagle, the emblem of the country illustrate the grandeur and glory with golden color possessed. Eagle also represents the sovereignty of Indonesia as the largest archipelago country number one in the world with a wide range of differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, geography, class, politics, and so forth. This difference also motivate Indonesia in the spirit of Red and White flags flutter that has meaning and sacred daring to take part in the world scope. One example through sending UN peacekeepers world. Similarly, through the Miss Universe who brings a message that is a message of peace. NATION UNITY, unite ourselves as a nation with various differences, and unite ourselves as part of the peace of the world.  Photography @ronnyariojoewono

This is the 15th year Anne Avantie @anneavantieheart involved in cooperation with Yayasan Putri Indonesia and pretty long journey. And this year, a pride in delivering Kezia Warouw heading to the Miss Universe, a daughter of the choicest and the means to Indonesia. No matter how small it is, he had become light. I was happy to deliver any elected Puteri Indonesia, to speak out in the world without leaving the roots and brings the character of Indonesia.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 wearing a dress of Ivan Gunawan @ivan_gunawan -Emerald Dress is inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesian forests, the green color can interpret create peace and create a sense of compassion, as well as details golden touch in a dress patterned songket highly reflecting Indonesian culture with modern packaging , beautiful and fashionable.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 dress from Anaz @anazofficial – Dimensions Sriwijaya merger of two highly visible elements in a dress made of traditional songket this, the first element that symbolizes gold nuanced detail Reich sriwijaya agriculturally rich and debuted in the first period in which the most powerful empire that in southeast Asia, as well as the second element is the traditional material Palembang songket, already the beauty motives.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 wearing beach wear from Arturro @arturroeggo – Dress is inspired from the Bamboo Forest located in the area Penglipuran Bangli, Bali Northern. Bamboo Forest is considered to have ecological and economic value is high. It thus can not be separated from the role of the community to continue to preserve and to alamian bamboo forest. Bamboo forests are believed merupajan titipan ancestors and will provide benefits to local people for their livelihood. Bamboo that dangling like a breeze that moves gracefully indicating a characteristic of Indonesian women who smooth manner with the rich culture with a strong personality, strong, independent, character, and useful to the surrounding environment (where bamboo produces oxygen many of the other plants around it)


Puteri Indonesia 2016 from Sephora wear batik dress with batik motifs @batik_sephora kawung boketan granite jogjanan, kawung ngawung means that rejekinya ngawung / gathering continues. To model combines sleeveless top made of brocade and handmade embroidery pencil skirt split skirt that combined with batik suit the character’s daughter Kezia who graciously and ellegant.


Puteri Indonesia 2016 using the work of Ivan Gunawan evening dress for a press conference @ivan_gunawan Kezia Warouw ahead of his departure to the Miss Universe. This time Ivan Gunawan prepare dresses with raised Weaving Toraja of South Sulawesi. Weaving is a wealth of traditional Indonesia who rarely appointed to be one beautiful evening gown reply. Toraja weaving is an “ARTWORK INDONESIA” which has its own artistic value. Evening Gown This is one of the collections Fashion Show Ivan Gunawan “Signs Solo ”. Ivan Gunawan tries to pick Weaving Toraja as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage to the international scene.