Miss Universe |The Super Women Of Miss Universe

The Super Women of Miss Universe

With the recent rise in popularity of superhero fictions, we take a look at some of the past contestants and winners that have played a role in such syfy and fantasy films.


Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kelly Hu won the title of Miss Teen USA 1985. She was the third woman to hold the title and the first Asian-American winner.

Hu went on to win the title of Miss Hawaii USA in 1983 and was the first former Miss Teen USA to win a Miss USA state title. At the 1983 MISS USA Competition in Wichita, Kansas, she placed third runner-up.

She later moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. One of her most notable roles was Yuriko Oyama / Lady Deathstrike in X2: X-Men United (2003). Lady Deathstrike’s character was a mutant that shared similar healing abilities to Wolverine; her signature feature being retractable adamantium fingernails.

Hu has starred in numerous films and series including The Scorpion King (2002) and The Vampire Diaries and Arrow.


Representing Israel, Gal Gadot competed at MISS UNIVERSE in 2004 in Quito, Ecuador. Jennifer Hawkins from Australia went on to win the title.

Gadot first played Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and later starred in a solo film with great box office success for her character Wonder Woman (2017). Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, is an immortal Amazon princess that was created to protect humankind from Ares, the god of war.


Winning the title of Miss Ohio USA, Halle Berry competed at the 1986 MISS USA Competition in Miami, Florida. Berry placed 1st runner-up to Christy Fichtner of Texas. She went on to have an extremely successful career in the entertainment industry and is an Academy Award winning actress.

Berry has played two major roles in the superhero fiction genre including Storm from the X-Men series as well as Catwoman.

As one of the most prominent X-Men, Storm has been regarded as Marvel Comics’ most important female superhero with the ability to control the weather and to fly. Berry has starred as this role in: X-Men (2000), X2: X-Men United (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), The Wolverine (2013) and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014).

Catwoman (2004) is based on the DC Comics character from the Batman series. Berry played Patience Philipps, a superhero crime fighter with superhuman cat-like abilities.


Miss World Final Venue Announced

The Miss World Opening Ceremony will feature 500 costumed performers and a “Parade of Spectacular Floats” as 100,00 people welcome the Miss World Nations at  Chimelong Ocean Kingdom on October 31st.

Miss World Fast Track Shows – Top Model, Talent, Multi Media, Sport, Beauty With A Purpose, and the brand new “Head to Head Challenges”; will ensure that Miss World stays in the world news. Miss World 2017 has over 3,000 media partners!

The Miss World Final Show set has been designed by Beijing Rise whose design credits include the Beijing Olympic Games and Eurovision Song Contest.

The set which is being kept a closely guarded secret, incorporates the whole of The Sanya City Arena – a new venue for this years final!

New Photo of Miss Supranational Indonesia 2017

Foto Puteri Indonesia. @karinadila8921 – maintaining one’s culture,, values and traditions is beyond price. ~
The United Nation has acknowledged Batik as Indonesian heritage and made today, the 2nd of October as National Batik Day, so Let us all be the#ProudIndonesian and Celebrate it! Selamat Hari Batik National 
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Miss Denmark 2017 ~ Amanda Petri




Amanda Petri was crowned Miss Denmark 2017 this past weekend. She is 20 years old, stands 1.74m tall and will represent Denmark at the 67th Miss World final on November 18th in Sanya, China. The first runner-up was Shania Iversen and the second runner-up was Simone Gadegaard Andersen. Mille Malihini Jul and Sabrina Jovanovic finished in fourth and fifth places respectively.