Analysis: success | failure of Japan in the beauty contest.

Analysis:  Success  | Failure of Japan in the beauty contest.

Japan‘s first debut in 1952, represented by Himeko Kojima. at the beginning of his Hikemo did not manage to become one of the top 10 best Miss Universe 1952.

In 1953, Miss Japan, Kinuko Ito won 2nd Runner-up. The next year the Japanese Accomplishment slumping back IE not grabbing the best position. The achievements of Japan in the 50 to 70 an. arguably the ride down.

These achievements of Japan in the Miss Universe era 50 ‘s/70 ‘s

1952 Himeko Kojima United States Miss Universe 1952 – Unplaced
1953 Kinuko Ito United States Miss Universe 1953 – 2nd Runner-up
1954 Mieko Kondo United States Miss Universe 1954 – Unplaced
1955 Keiko Takahashi United States Miss Universe 1955 – 4th Runner-up
1956 Yoshie Baba United States Miss Universe 1956 – Unplaced
1957 Kyoko Otani United States Miss Universe 1957 – Top 16
1958 Tomoko Moritake United States Miss Universe 1958 – Top 16 Miss Congeniality
1959 Akiko Kojima United States Miss Universe 1959
1960 Yayoi Furuno United States Miss Universe 1960 – Top 16
1961 Akemi Toyama United States Miss Universe 1961 – Unplaced
1962 Kasuko Hirano United States Miss Universe 1962 – Unplaced
1963 Noriko Ando United States Miss Universe 1963 – Top 16
1964 Shizuko Matsumoto United States Miss Universe 1964 – Unplaced
1965 Mari Katayama United States Miss Universe 1965 – Unplaced
1966 Atsumi Ikeno United States Miss Universe 1966 – Unplaced
1967 Kayoko Fujikawa United States Miss Universe 1967 – Unplaced
1968 Yasuyo Iino United States Miss Universe 1968 – Unplaced Miss Congeniality
1969 Kikuyo Osuka United States Miss Universe 1969 – 4th Runner-up
1970 Jun Shimada United States Miss Universe 1970 – 3rd Runner-up
1971 Shigeko Taketomi United States Miss Universe 1971 – Top 12
1972 Harumi Maeda Puerto Rico Miss Universe 1972 – Top 12
1973 Miyoko Sometani Greece Miss Universe 1973 – Top 12
1974 Eriko Tsuboi Philippines Miss Universe 1974 – Unplaced
1975 Sachiko Nakayama El Salvador Miss Universe 1975 – Top 10
1976 Miyako Iwakuni Hong Kong Miss Universe 1976 – Unplaced
1977 Kyoko Satoh Dominican Republic Miss Universe 1977 – Unplaced
1978 Hisako Manda Mexico Miss Universe 1978 – Unplaced
1979 Yurika Kuroda Australia Miss Universe 1979 – Unplaced

These achievements of Japan in the Miss Universe era 80 ‘s/90 ‘s

1980 Hisae Hiyama South Korea Miss Universe 1980 – Unplaced
1981 Mineko Orisaku United States Miss Universe 1981 – Unplaced
1982 Eri Okuwaki Peru Miss Universe 1982 – Unplaced
1983 Yuko Yamaguchi United States Miss Universe 1983 – Unplaced
1984 Mayumi Niiyama United States Miss Universe 1984 – Unplaced
1985 Hatsumi Furusawa United States Miss Universe 1985 – Unplaced
1986 Hiroko Esaki Panama Miss Universe 1986 – Unplaced
1987 Hiroe Namba Singapore Miss Universe 1987 – Unplaced
1988 Mizuho Sakaguchi Taiwan Miss Universe 1988 – 3rd Runner-up
1989 Eri Tshiro Mexico Miss Universe 1989 – Unplaced
1990 Hiroko Miyoshi United States Miss Universe 1990 – Unplaced
1991 Atsuko Yamamoto United States Miss Universe 1991 – Unplaced
1992 Akiko Ando Thailand Miss Universe 1992 – Unplaced
1993 Yukiko Shiki Mexico Miss Universe 1993 – Unplaced
1994 Chiaki Kawahito Philippines Miss Universe 1994 – Unplaced
1995 Narumi Saeki Namibia Miss Universe 1995 – Unplaced


Trinidad and Tobago 1999 Satomi Ogawa Saitama Unplaced
United States 1998 Nana Okumura Tokyo Unplaced


1998 Miss Universe Japan Ines Ligron license by purchase. At the beginning of itsleaders failed to bring Japan Ines manage to. In 2003 a new Japan experienced the good times. Miyako Miyazaki of Japan won the Deputy position 4th runner-up. Miyaki osteal attention because the evening dress controversy. Seen here Ines know if Miss Universe like controversy hahaha. 2 the following year Japan failed miserably. From 2006 until 2008 Japan hattrick placed at Miss Universe. 2006 Kurara Chibana Japan Representatives reached a position 1st Runner-up and won best National Costume award. In 2007, Riyo Mori became Miss Universe 2007, the year 2008 Hiroko Mima was only able to top 15. In 2008, the last year in Miss Universe Japan.

Emiri Miyasaka (Miss Universe Japan 2009) was the last protégé Ines due in 2009 as well as Ines ligron is no longer a National Director of Miss Universe Japan.Emiri is actually very beautiful and Miss Universe material. Designer of venezuela Nicolas Felizola was unable to bring the Emiri semifinalist managed to enter Miss Universe 2009.
Evening gown In Designer of venezuela Nicolas Felizola


Miss Japan Maiko Itai

Miss Universe Japan 2010 –  Maiko Itai

Achievements: Unplaced


Miss Universe Japan 2011 –  Maria Kamiyama

Achievements: Unplaced

Special Award :  Best National Costume (5th Runner-up)


Miss Universe Japan 2012 – Ayako Hara

Achievements: Unplaced


Miss Universe Japan 2013 - Yukimi Matsuo

Miss Universe Japan 2013 – Yukimi Matsuo

Achievements: Unplaced

Special Award :  Best National Costume (4th Runner-up)


Japan 2014

Miss Universe Japan 2014 – Keiko Tsuji

Achievements: Unplaced


2 Factors representative japan failed miserably in Miss Universe. 1. lack of Training 2.Evening gown that is insufficient. The representative of Japan year 2010 to 2014 is actually very pretty but Tranformasi lacks a major factor the failure of Japan in Miss Universe. It is ironic that State twice a winner of the Miss Universe and the State that open success at Miss Universe asia downhill achievements.

Suggestions for the Miss Universe Japan team


1. Choose a representative who complies with the event that followed. send arepresentative to such exotic Hiroko Mima, the Top 15 Miss Universe 2008.

2. Training. Doesn’t have to be autobiography and to Venezuela to achieve success at the Miss Universe Japan voted enough ever success at the Miss Universe pageant. The last way The pageant experts to train the Japanese representative in Miss Universe.Better training was conducted for 3 months or 6 months. The training taught: how toCatwalk, makeup, make up the body into a “Killer Body and others

3. Evening Gown. Select the appropriate same evening gown or her representative and typical Japanese. The jury of the Miss Universe interested equally unique and different from the others.

A few suggestions from us … may be useful.


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