Miss Universe  2016   :   January 29th, 2017, Manila (Philippines)

Miss World 2016   December 18th, Washington D.C. (USA)

Miss Supranational 2016  : December 2nd, Krynica Zdroj (Poland)

Miss International 2016  :  October 27th, Tokyo (Japan)

Miss Grand International 2016  : October 25th, Las Vegas (USA)

♔ Miss United Continents 2016 :  September 24th, Guayaquil,(Ecuador)

♔ Miss Tourism Queen International 2016 :  September 27th, Wenzhou, (China) 

 Miss Intercontinental 2016 :  October 15th, Colombo, (Sri Lanka)

♔ Miss Earth 2016  : October 15th, Davao, (Philippines)

♔ Reina Hispanoamericana 2016 : November 5th, Santa Cruz, (Bolivia)

♔ Miss Tourism International 2016 : December 31st, Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia) 

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