Ambika Ramraj crowned Miss World Guyana 2018



Organisers said that the finale was a success! “Contestants gave an exceptional performance.” Miss World Guyana 2018 Host, Jamicia McCalman, explained that “the pageant focusses on empowering women, in keeping with their Beauty with a Purpose mandate.”

Managing Director of MWG 2018, Roshini Boodhoo-Persaud, states that “the programme recognises the personal achievement, community involvement and excellence of young women throughout Guyana and the diaspora in a fun and trendy community of sisters. These ladies become role models, regional representatives and ambassadors of many worthy causes and charities.”

The Miss World Guyana Organisation extended its recruiting drive in Guyana and to the USA, UK, and Canada. Their plan is “to make the Miss World Guyana a global brand and give every Guyanese girl a fair chance to become Miss World. “

Miss World Guyana 2018, Ambika Ramraj, is 19 years old and is interested in studying Psychology. Ambika’s mandate is to assist people with mental health issues through sport and physical activity. Ambika is also a model, which she enjoys and wants to pursue to Caribbean level. She would like to ensure that models are given adequate support to adapt to the different, sometimes challenging, cultures and personalities they encounter.


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