Miss World : Variety Telethon – Iowa

Miss World : Variety Telethon – Iowa


This weekend has been one of the most memorable of my entire life. The telethon for Variety the Children’s Charity in Iowa has done such marvellous work. The telethon in Iowa has been going on for over 40 years and they raise millions of dollars every year to help the children of Iowa. We had the privileged before the telethon to visit some of the places that used Variety dollars, such as, Mercy Hospital, Orchard Place, YESS, and Blank Children’s Hospital, where we were given the opportunity to see how these places use the money and how it benefits the lives of the children of Iowa.

The telethon started on Friday march 4th, at 7 pm and ended at 12 and then continued on Saturday from 7am to 6pm. There was live entertainment on the stage, interviews at the phones, and specialised bikes being donated to kids who need them at Kids Korner. After a very long couple of days and a lot of hard work, Variety was able to raise $4,162,143 for the children of Iowa. What an incredible amount! It was a beautiful experience to see so many people come together in order to help those in need! And while it was a lot of fun, it was a humbling and heart-warming experience. Thank you all so much at Variety in Iowa for making this experience so memorable and for helping the lives of so many every year.

Miss World 2016 ~ Stephanie Del Valle.  Source by Miss World. 


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