11th Mister International : Paul Iskandar from Lebanon wins the Mister International 2016.

       1st Runner Up : Masaya Yamagishi (Japan), Mister International 2016 :  Paul Iskandar (Lebanon) and  2nd Runner Up : ViniciMister International 2016 :  Paul Iskandar (Lebanon) o Modolo (Italy)

Winner : Paul Iskandar (Lebanon)

1st Runner Up : Masaya Yamagishi (Japan)

2nd Runner Up : Vinicio Modolo (Italy)

🔸Top 6🔸

Chris Veltkamp (Netherlands)

Nguyen Tien Dat (Vietnam)

Kittikun Tansuhas ( Thailand)

🔸Top 9🔸

Daniel Torres Moreno (Spain)

Mudit Malhotra (India)

Matiss Pastars (Latvia)

🔸Top 16🔸

James Carne (Australia)

Manoly Diaz (Mexico)

Ivo Cavalcanti (Brazil)

Walfred Crespo (Venezuela)

Josep Kurka (Czech Republic)

Daniel Da Silva (Sri Lanka)

Miguel Mari Guia (Philippines)

🔹Special Awards🔹

Mister Photogenic : Francisco Vergara (Puerto Rico)

Mister Congeniality : James Carne ( Australia)

Best Model Look : Masaya Yamagishi (Japan)

Best National Costume : Rokesh Tandukar (Nepal)

Mister Telegenic : Daniel Da Silva (Sri Lanka)

Mister People’s Choice : Miguel Mari Guia (Philippines)

Mister International 2016 :  Paul Iskandar (Lebanon)

Paul Iskandar was born in Paris, France but migrated to Beirut, Lebanon when he was 4 years old. A sports fanatic, he is into basketball, tennis, swimming and fitness. This 24-year-old fitness manager and group exercise instructor hopes to realize his ambition on becoming a lawyer. A very active person, he likes to work a lot to be productive every day. He competed in Lebanon’s Dancing with the Stars.



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