Miss World : World Tour


Our morning in Miami was calm. I woke up and began to get ready for an interview I had in the afternoon for Al Rojo Vivo, a news show on Telemundo. Once I was ready, I went for brunch with Julia Morley. We had a lovely meal and talked of our future plans (those are still secret, sorry!). Julia gave me great advice in preparation for my interview, and all of the future ones to come: make sure to always be yourself and speak of what you want everyone to know, you will do great!

I made my way to the Telemundo studios for the interview. Everyone greeted us at the studio with a very warm welcome. I was taken to makeup quickly for touch ups then went to the studio. The interview was about how I felt when they announced my name, my studies, and my plans for the future. It was filmed live which made the interview flew by and we were done faster than I thought! Thank you Al Rojo Vivo!

Before I left Miami for my next destination, I was able to spend some time relaxing at the beach and soaking up a little bit of sun before taking a 16+ hour flight. It was wonderful!

Hong Kong

I arrived at 5:30am, Hong Kong time, surprisingly awake and well rested. We were escorted in Hong Kong from our gate to the hotel where I checked. The airport and the hotel were all decorated so beautifully for the Chinese New Year that is coming soon. It was a beautiful and different sight to see. I took the train into the city and explored. The building and the lights were all so beautiful.

My second day in Hong Kong was more of a relaxed day. I decided to go to Victoria Peak, which is the highest or one of the highest points in all of Hong Kong and where you can see the entire city of Hong Kong. It was such a beautiful sight to see. On one side, there was the beautiful countryside where you could see the still waters and the sunset and on the other side, there was the city all the hustle and bustle of the big bright lights one tall buildings. I took many pictures and after a little shopping in the mall, I prepared for my next flight to China!

Stephanie Del Valle



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