Miss World : Miss World Arrives Home

Hospital visit

On Saturday, we went to the Auxilio Mutuo hospital where we were received by the hospital director, the medical director and the rest of their team. After a quick interview, we were taken to the department of oncology and we spent the day visiting different people around this floor. We also visited the paediatric centre where we spent time with the kids. It was so lovely to see them and talk to them. This was a great experience and a new experience for me because I had worked with children before but I had never gone to the hospital to spend time with these illnesses. To see the patients so positive, inviting and filled with so much hope and faith really moved me and has definitely motivated me to see what’s next to come for the rest of the year.

The Hospital’s philosophy for the patients recovering from cancer is “Mission feel better”. Mrs Morley told the director that she was going to do a donation of 10 000£ to help the hospital and to fulfil their needs.


After our visit to the hospital, we had a relaxing afternoon to get ready for a charity gala. This charity gala was held at the ‘Centro de Recepciones del Gobierno de Puerto Rico (Antiguo Casino)’ where people who have been part of my journey joined us. I wore a beautiful red dress made by the designer Carlos Alberto who also designed my dress for the final night. So many people attended and what warmed my heart was that the majority of the people at the event were people who have been with me since day one, who have been part of this journey and have impacted my life. I have friends from school, family, different teachers and mentors that have been with me throughout this whole process. After dinner, there was music because you can’t have a good party without music and this was a moment where I was able to spend some time with all my supports who came to celebrate this triumph together.


On Sunday, we went to mass at the San Juan Cathedral, a place that is very special to me since it is where I was baptized and where I performed with the San Juan Children’s Choir multiple times. It was very important for me to go to this mass because it gave me the proper opportunity to give thanks to God for having helped me achieve this goal and for allowing me to bring so much joy and hope to Puerto Rico and the Latino community worldwide. The mass was dedicated to Peace that day and ended with a ceremony of releasing doves. What a beautiful sight to see and a beautiful moment to share with my family and friends that were there.


Now, it was time to go. I said goodbye to my friends that had accompanied me at the mass with tears running down my face. They all had mixed expressions on their faces, proud of me and happy for me yet sad to see me go. Then my family and I left for one last meal together before I departed to this new adventure.

Stephanie Del Valle


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