The 65th Miss Universe Pageant : Press Conference Miss Universe Indonesia ~ Kezia Warouw


National Costume @keziawarouw Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 is UNITY NATION – eagle, the emblem of the country illustrate the grandeur and glory with golden color possessed. Eagle also represents the sovereignty of Indonesia as the largest archipelago country number one in the world with a wide range of differences in ethnicity, culture, religion, geography, class, politics, and so forth. This difference also motivate Indonesia in the spirit of Red and White flags flutter that has meaning and sacred daring to take part in the world scope. One example through sending UN peacekeepers world. Similarly, through the Miss Universe who brings a message that is a message of peace. NATION UNITY, unite ourselves as a nation with various differences, and unite ourselves as part of the peace of the world.  Photography @ronnyariojoewono

This is the 15th year Anne Avantie @anneavantieheart involved in cooperation with Yayasan Putri Indonesia and pretty long journey. And this year, a pride in delivering Kezia Warouw heading to the Miss Universe, a daughter of the choicest and the means to Indonesia. No matter how small it is, he had become light. I was happy to deliver any elected Puteri Indonesia, to speak out in the world without leaving the roots and brings the character of Indonesia.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 wearing a dress of Ivan Gunawan @ivan_gunawan -Emerald Dress is inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesian forests, the green color can interpret create peace and create a sense of compassion, as well as details golden touch in a dress patterned songket highly reflecting Indonesian culture with modern packaging , beautiful and fashionable.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 dress from Anaz @anazofficial – Dimensions Sriwijaya merger of two highly visible elements in a dress made of traditional songket this, the first element that symbolizes gold nuanced detail Reich sriwijaya agriculturally rich and debuted in the first period in which the most powerful empire that in southeast Asia, as well as the second element is the traditional material Palembang songket, already the beauty motives.

Puteri Indonesia 2016 wearing beach wear from Arturro @arturroeggo – Dress is inspired from the Bamboo Forest located in the area Penglipuran Bangli, Bali Northern. Bamboo Forest is considered to have ecological and economic value is high. It thus can not be separated from the role of the community to continue to preserve and to alamian bamboo forest. Bamboo forests are believed merupajan titipan ancestors and will provide benefits to local people for their livelihood. Bamboo that dangling like a breeze that moves gracefully indicating a characteristic of Indonesian women who smooth manner with the rich culture with a strong personality, strong, independent, character, and useful to the surrounding environment (where bamboo produces oxygen many of the other plants around it)


Puteri Indonesia 2016 from Sephora wear batik dress with batik motifs @batik_sephora kawung boketan granite jogjanan, kawung ngawung means that rejekinya ngawung / gathering continues. To model combines sleeveless top made of brocade and handmade embroidery pencil skirt split skirt that combined with batik suit the character’s daughter Kezia who graciously and ellegant.


Puteri Indonesia 2016 using the work of Ivan Gunawan evening dress for a press conference @ivan_gunawan Kezia Warouw ahead of his departure to the Miss Universe. This time Ivan Gunawan prepare dresses with raised Weaving Toraja of South Sulawesi. Weaving is a wealth of traditional Indonesia who rarely appointed to be one beautiful evening gown reply. Toraja weaving is an “ARTWORK INDONESIA” which has its own artistic value. Evening Gown This is one of the collections Fashion Show Ivan Gunawan “Signs Solo ”. Ivan Gunawan tries to pick Weaving Toraja as one of Indonesia’s cultural heritage to the international scene.




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