Miss Universe : Helping Sal Garcia


Dear fellowDominican and To Whom It May Concern:

For almost 63 years the Dominican Republic has sent a delegate to represent our country in the Miss Universe Pageant. Also during these long decades our country has survived many devastations, many of them cause by natural disasters. Yet always under the worst of circumstances we found strength in each other. As you all might know our beautiful island was declared a disaster zone due to the devastating torrential rains and floodings during the recent months of november and december 2016. Understandably, all local government resources has been directed to this cause and it is with great sadness I have to announce that my participation in the Miss Universe 2016 is in peril.

Though the Dominican government has been able to assist some Miss Universe delegates in the past, on this ocation, I regret to inform that the Dominican government has been unable to assist in any of the costs associated with my integration into the pageant such as travel expenses, wardrobe, and many others. Also, due to the mass media bullying I suffered during the beginning of my reign our funding effort to solicit assistance in the private sector has come to a decisive halt. Despite the fact that I have been physically and mentally trained in all aspects of the competition ( and I do feel genuinely ready to represent our country with distinction ) the above two events are seriously threatening my integration in the 2016 Miss Universe Contest to be held in Manila, Philippines on January 29th of 2017. It is therefor possible that for the first time in 60 years the Dominican Republic will not be able to participate in this prestigious event.

Knowing how important this representation is to the Dominican people, I respectfully request your support whether you are a Dominican living in the Island or living abroad. We are resourceful people and if every Dominican might help with just one dollar, or more, I am certain that united we can garner the resources needed to successfully integrate the participation of our country into the pageant and knows…we might just bring the crown. A united nation can achieve anything. Needless to say this is an urgent matter. Activities for the Miss Universe 2016 will start as early as January 13th and 14th 2017. Any contribution you can provide will be greatly appreciated whether this assistance might be humble o grand. This account has been authorized by me and The Miss Dominican Republic Universe Organization.

Please remember that each time one of our representatives participates in the Miss Universe pageant she ceases to be a common citizen and becomes the nation. I ask for your support and for all of us to be this nation. A nation that is united in love, help and support.

Respectfully and with much love,

Rosalba “Sal Garcia” Abreu Miss Dominican Republic 2016

Links : https://pages.giveforward.com/emergency/page-5997bn5/


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