Miss Supranational 2016 : Top 10 things

1- Top 25 – Instead of 20, for the first time Miss Supranational will have 25 quarter-finalists. More time will be dedicated to each of them, including profile videos and plenty of runway time until the judges select the 10 who will move on to the next round of competition.

2 – Top 5 – It seems like Miss Supranational producers listened to the fans and the winner and runner-ups will be selected from a Top 5, and no longer from a Top 10 or 20, as it previously happened. It´s certainly exciting news!

3 – Continental winners – The continental winners will actually be the best overall ranked candidate from each continent, instead of the best among those who did not make it to the Top 5. It does make much more sense!

4- Eurovision hit – Among this year´s pageant musical attractions is Michał Szpak and his hit Color Of Your Life, one of the most popular choices in this year´s Eurovision song contest.

5- Three hours – Because of the amazing high television rates reached in recent years, Polsat decided to raise the airing time of Miss Supranational to 3 hours. Before last year´s show comes to mind to scare you, chill out: choreographers have been changed and so has the show´s production. It promises to be dynamic and entertaining, just like in previous years.

6 – Davina Reeves is back – Miss New York USA 2010 Davina Reeves, who did a superb job hosting Miss Supranational last year, in back, this time right next to Belarus´ television presenter Ivan Padrez, who also did a pretty good job hosting Miss Supranational 2013, in his native Belarus. Asha Bhat, Miss Supranational 2014, will do the “behind the scenes” interviews and special features with the candidates.

7 – Two host countries – For the first time two countries will co-host Miss Supranational: Poland and Slovakia. The candidates will spend 10 days in beautiful Poprad, Slovakia, where they will enjoy the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and have loads of fun at the AquaCity Poprad complex. The final televised show will once again take place in the hospitable town of Krynica Zdrój, in southern Poland. Over 120 nations are expected to show this year´s event on tv, making it the third most watched beauty contest in the world, after Miss World (1st) and Miss Universe (2nd).

8- Cash Prize – The new Miss Supranational will win a US$ 30,000 cash prize, US$ 5 K more than the previous winners. Good for her!

9- Mobstar – If you want to know more about your favorite candidates and follow them during the nearly 3 weeks of competition, download Mobstar and register under “Miss Supranational” (also under “Mister Supranational”). The best ranked candidate there will earn a direct spot in the Top 10. It means you can help your favorites by “liking” whatever they post at Mobstar.

10 – Mister Supranational – If Miss Supranational is celebrating its 8th edition, Mister Supranational will have its first ever show and winner this year! We will also bring you coverage on Mister Supranational, but for now, go to www.mistersupranational.com and follow it on Instagram at @officialmistersupranational for more details. Mister Supranational will happen on December 3rd, one day after Miss Supranational. Now get this: the winner of Miss Supranational 2016 will be responsible for announcing and delivering the sash to the first ever Mister Supranational!  (Global Beauties)


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