Press Conference | Miss International Indonesia 2016 ~ Felicia Hwang

Today, Press Conference Miss Indonesia, Felicia Hwang. Felicia will represent Indonesia in the Miss International 2016 event, which was held in Tokyo.


Here Results Coverage:

14517361_10157447249360627_4236197438553116545_nAnaz dress designer works with the theme motif rang-rang with woven material Jepara. Chest crystal accents add glamour and color gray and white have in adjusting the character of Felice soft and graceful.


Dress designer  Galih Prakarsa Initiative works are inspired by women who focus on the dynamic side. Blending elements of materials such as layered pearl sequins and embroidered illusion attendant body silhouette.


Cocktail dress with batik motifs angkin from Sephora by Yuana Tanaya. Chocolate motif selected to show the elegant side and fashionist of Felice. Batik Sephora has silouet the body fit for the impression of elegance and modern. Jewelry or earrings from Manjusha charged adds graceful appearance.

14517387_10157447345475627_5779501160745851080_nkebaya from Intan Avantie. A masterpiece which inherited the roots and culture of Indonesia written on a dressing elegance. The concept of simple elegant semi kebaya which is able to bring the charm of Indonesia when it is combined with the typical Solo batik prada.


2National Costume of Indonesia for Miss International 2016 ” Dewi Shinta” by @jemberfashioncarnaval




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