Puerto Rico beauty queen Kristhielee Caride loses court case

Kristhielee Caride in court 2016 Puerto Rico

A Puerto Rican beauty queen has lost her bid to reclaim her tiara taken from her for poor behaviour.

A judge ruled that Kristhielee Caride had violated the terms of her contract as the island’s representative for Miss Universe.

She had refused to attend a designated hair salon, and failed to appear on a TV programme because she said the traffic was too bad.

Ms Caride was seeking $3m (£2.25m) in damages from the organisers.

The week-long court case has gripped Puerto Rico. TV stations interrupted regular programming to show proceedings in court and her testimony.

The ruling by Puerto Rican Supreme Court Judge Eduardo Rebollo dismissed the lawsuit filed by Ms Caride.

He said Ms Caride had given terse answers to questions during a newspaper interview and that she did not love cameras.

Desiree Lowry, the national director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, told the court that Ms Caride had refused to apologise to the newspaper reporter after the interview.

Ms Lowry also said Ms Caride had used her own stylist instead of a hair salon hired for her.

Ms Caride defended her decision and accused salon employees of disrespecting her.

She lost the Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 title in March and was replaced by another candidate.


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