REST IN PIECE…. Hugo Ruben Castellanos Jimenez :(

REST IN  PIECE…. Hugo Ruben Castellanos Jimenez 

Hugo Ruben Castellanos Jimenez national director of Miss World Mexico was killed!
Culiacan, Sinaloa The director of the franchise Miss World in Mexico, Hugo Ruben Castellanos Jimenez, who last Saturday night presided over the coronation of Melissa Carolina Lizarraga, as Miss Sinaloa, was found dead with a bullet in the head, inside a van with theft report.

The judicial authorities established that the victim was located inside a Jeep Cherokke, registration VPK 7447, which was violently stripped at 7:30 pm last Saturday in Culiacan way.

According to the information released on the website of the Wall News, the victim, originally from the state of Jalisco, was in this city, where he was part of the jury of the beauty contest, in its capacity as manager gateway.

In the portal, he identified himself as the director of the Miss World franchise in Mexico and documented information, with journalistic review of the event beauty public this day in its carrying El Debate.

The review of the event selection of the new Miss Sinaloa, whose crown was encircled by the model and singer Melissa Carolina, notes that the event took place in the child theater in this city, in an otherwise intimate event, where they were present family and friends of the participants.

According to information released by El Debate, the event was led by former Sinaloa Our Beauty, Rosa Maria Cuen and broadcaster Brayan Elizalde.


The data set on the facts establish that neighbors fractionation Issstesin reported detonations of firearms, so when going elements of the police, they realized that inside a van, the body of a person’s sex was male.

In the early surveys, it was possible to establish the identity of the victim, with the name Hugo Rubén Castilian Jimenez, from the state of Jalisco and it was observed that the Jepp, where he was presented gunshots and corresponded to the characteristics of the unit with theft report.


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