Pageant : Of the Year 2015

Throughout the 2015’s. many interesting events and in the media and Pageant Lovers all over the world. We will review the incident back into the spotlight in “5 Incident Beauty World 2015”



The event successfully attracted worldwide attention because of errors announce the winner. As a result of this incident the event winner, Miss Philippines, not to remember even remembered the embarrassing incident. Until now the incident is still much discussed by the Society.



2. MISS WORLD 2015
Event that was held, sanya, china is making a surprise. One was Miss Spain Mireia Lalaguna become the first winner in the Miss World. Indonesia also made history Because Vice They, Maria Hafarti into 2nd RU Miss World 2015. The highest achievement for Indonesia following the Miss World.


Philippines back calming the event, which caught our attention was the highest Medal Winner who failed to enter semifinalist. If medalist no absolute majority in the assessment should not be held any better. Because many victims “Medalist most” Failed Semifinalist entry. It is ironic.


4. Miss World Canada 2015 – Anastasia Lin was willing and entitled to participate in the event as Miss World Canada, and the pageant still lists her as a contestant. However, up to the last minute, Lin waited for an official invitation that is necessary for Chinese visa application, but to no avail and hence missed the official deadline of 20 November 2015 for entry to the pageant and was declared persona non grata by the Chinese Government. Lin had openly criticised China’s human rights violations. She is allowed by the Miss World Organization to compete at Miss World 2016.


5. Miss Earth India 2015

Video Eco Beauty Indian, Reaping criticism for the video There Territory Nepal. Many have asked the representative of India, Di remove. but not taken at The Miss Earth. See events like this, Miss Earth organization has failed.



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