Review : Miss World 2015

Miss World 2015 Finished . We will discuss some of the things that are important from the Miss World 2015. Miss World this year was a lot of surprise one of Indonesia into one – one Asian country that managed to become 2nd Runners . Here’s 5 Things spotlight in Miss World 2015 .

  • Controversy Miss World Canada . Issues affecting the Miss World Canada 2015, Anastasia Lin into our spotlight . because there are problems lin political overtones . Here Miss World Organisation unfair and more concerned with the host . Due to political problems , Miss World Canada 2015. Anastasia Lin Choosing retreat of the Miss World 2015 .
  • Mireia Lalaguna , Miss Spain first win Miss World .
  • Indonesia Recording History . Maria , Miss Indonesia first successful Achieved Top Position in the history of Miss World . Interestingly , Indonesia is the only country that is three wins Beauty With A Purpose.


  • Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Philippines placed in five consecutive editions.
  • Netherlands placed in four consecutive editions.  
  • China, Guyana, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Sudan and Vietnam placed in two consecutive editions. 
  • France, Jamaica and Spain last placed in 2013 edition.
  • Kazakhstan and Northern Ireland last placed in 2012 edition.
  • New Zealand last placed in 2011 edition.
  • Poland last placed in 2009 edition.
  • Ecuador last placed in 2007 edition.
  • Lebanon last placed in 2006 edition.


Opinion : This year the event, Contestant Introduction Nice but currently we do not like . Next year may be even more . See you at the Miss World 2016 .



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