Miss Universe 2015…. Analysis

Miss Universe 2015 ready to be held . This year , Miss Universe was held in Las Vegas , USA . Miss Universe contestants three weeks in quarantine . December 16 ago they had presented themselves in the Preliminary Competition.  For Miss Universe this time we judge based … Quarantine , Preliminary  competitions , Behavior and Beauty course.

This 25 Contestants of Miss Universe 2015 Favorite : They are Australia , Brazil , Colombia , Chile , Curacao , Denmark , Dominican Republic, Finland , France , Japan , Jamaica, Georgia , Great Britain , Haiti , India , Italy, Paraguay , Philippines , Peru , Russia , Tanzania , Thailand , USA , Venezuela and Vietnam. 

Dark Horse  : Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Myanmar, Indonesia and Ireland 

Preparing for the Crown :  Miss Universe 2015

Miss Australia : Monika Radulovic.  She is beautiful and has the aura of a queen . Complete package . Perfect!

Miss Brazil : Marthina Brandt.  We loved it. She is very natural beauty . Typical face latina. 

Miss India : Urvashi Rautela.  Beautiful , Styles , Diva . We really like the same style ,, very different from each other contestants . Urvashi be yourself . We think India is ready to become the winner of the Miss Universe Year.

Miss USA :     Olivia Jordan.   Perfect! 

Miss Dominican Republic : Clarissa Molina.   Face similar to Selena Gomez . Dominican Republic last to be a winner in 2003. Seeing that Clarisa thinking about opportunities. Our sense of Dominican Republic will be ready to be the winner .

Miss Philippines : Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Pia has advantages one of which she has sex appel . Supported the fanatic fans . We think pia to become the winner of Miss Universe will be easy .

Contestants or below winning 





Beauty world sometimes bring surprises , what about this year ?


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