Miss Intercontinental 2015 : The Judges


The  Judges :


Patraporn Wang / Thailand   

She is the reigning winner of the Miss Intercontinental Pageant and is returning to Magdeburg to crown her successor on December 18th, 2015


Stephany Pim / Brazil

Stephany is not only a gifted Singer but also the new Miss Globe. She won the title among 44 other contestants this year in El Gouna / Egypt.


Ekaterina Plekhova / Russia

Ekaterina was crowned in 2013 during the Telecast of the 42. Miss Intercontinental Pageant. She ia successful Model as well and has been travelling the World.


Seline Kriechbaum / Germany

Selina is a professional Model and was a contestant in the successful TV Show with Model Heidi Klum, „Germany´s next Top Model“ and apart of it she is the reigning Queen of Europe



Mario Ohoven / Germany

German business man. He is the president of BVMW (German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and CEA-PME(European Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses)


Bülent Emekci / Germany

CEO and Member of the Board of EMAG AG (Emmi Dent and Emmi Nail)

Dr. Yasar Sarigül / Germany

Chief Surgeon of the Lacomed Clinic Berlin



Lautaro Carusso was born in Buenos Aries in 1989. He is an actor and singer since his childhood and now a Presenter and Host in Fashion TV.

Through his TV Shows, Lautaro visit the most inportant runways around the World of the  Fashion Industry and he is a leading activist fighting to defend the rights of children in all over Latin America

Hi is a important part o the project „Make a Wish“ working with children with Cancer and other terminal illnesses.









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