Miss World 2015…..World Fashion Designer Dress

In alphabetical order…


Bosnia & Herzegovina – Designed by Carmen Line


Brazil – Designed by Olga Blanc


Cote d’Ivoire –


Guadeloupe – Designed by Jessica Jordan


India – Designed by Monisha Jaising


Indonesia – Windy Chandra Couture


Italy – Designed by Erasmo Fiorentino


Mongolia – Tserenlkhagva Khuyag-Ochi


Puerto Rico – José Karlo


Vietnam – Lý Quí Khánh 



Here is what we found out from some of the contestants:

United States

USA: My dress was designed by Mac Duggal, who actually designed Miss United States’ final dress last year and is inspired by the Grand Canyon! I am from Arizona so this dress is very representative of my state and all of the amazing things it has to offer and I actually helped to design it. The flower detail on the dress was my idea so it is great to be able to wear something I can truly call my own, but of course with the help of an amazing couture designer.

US Virgin Islands

US Virgin Islands: My evening gown is inspired by Audrey Hepburn who I believe is the total epitome of class and elegance. Believe it or not, my mum designed it and created the dress just for me! She is a very talented designer and I am so proud and honoured to showcase my dress for the world to see.


Malta: My dress is actually designed by a Turkish designer living in Malta. The turquoise colour represents the beautiful blue waters of Malta and is embellished with sequins and handmade pieces which give it that extra wow factor.


Myanmar: The evening gown I am wearing took almost a year to complete and is embellished with real jade from Myanmar. Everything is handmade and I chose this dress specifically because it represents my culture. Not many people know about the huge quantities of jade in Myanmar so it is an amazing opportunity to show to the world just how rich and beautiful my culture is.


Gibraltar: The same designer who designed Kaiane Aldorino, Miss World 2009’s final dress, also designed mine specifically for me, and is inspired by a wedding dress that I saw one day in my country. I wanted it to be bright because bright shades help to enhance my skin tone, so we went with the colour red!


France: My dress is rainbow colour with primarily green dominating the dress. On my hip, there is kind of a diamond appendix, created with over 500 little diamonds. The dress is inspired by my home in Tahiti – the blue represents the sea, and the earth tones represent the beautiful scenery and mountains.


Tanzania: When I walked in today, I couldn’t believe that I was the only contestant to wear African print. It took me by surprise at first but then I realized just how unique this dress really is and how proud I am to represent my African culture. I want people to see just how creative, talented, and absolutely fun African people are!


Norway: My dress is absolutely gorgeous. It is a nude champagne colour and the back is see-through and the dress is embellished head to toe with Swarovski crystals. What I like most about the dress is that it is simple but still, in a way, totally over the top and really shows off my fun side without losing its elegance!


Austria: I think I have possibly the most dramatic evening gown of tonight. It was made by an Austrian designer who was inspired by Chinese culture. The red colour is obviously very revered here in China so I thought I would combine my culture with Chinese culture. I think that is what Miss World is about – the blending of different backgrounds to come together and create something completely unique and beautiful.


Source : Miss World Org

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