Miss Earth 2015 Predict

The Miss Earth Crown
Miss Earth 2015 Crown
Tonight, Miss Earth in 2015 will be held in Vienna, Austria. More than 80 contestants from all over the world ready to compete. This year be a year of special make this yearbecause of Miss Earth, Miss Earth, held to 13 and first in Europe. Of course, we will not forget to analyze the 2015 Edition of Miss Earth contestants draw attention to us.
Miss Earth Air CrownMiss Earth Water CrownMiss Earth Fire Crown
Miss Earth Air crown |  Miss Earth Water crown |  Miss Earth Fire crown
Who are they? They are Miss Australia, Austria, Brazil
Colombia, Guam, Guatemala, IndiaMexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nepal, Panama, Philippines, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad Tobago, USA and Venezuela
Miss Colombia 2015Miss Australia 2015Miss Philippines 2015Miss USA 2015
Colombia | Australia| Philippines | USA
We predict the Miss Colombia, Estefania Munoz would win the Miss Earth in 2015. She is  the complete package.  Miss Australia, Dayanna Grageda.  Became the winner of Miss Earth Air 2015. She is very pretty. Miss Philippines , Angelia Ong. We rate this year, the Philippines was only able to grab the Miss Earth Water by 2015.  The appeal of Angelica is Its Skin We like!. Miss USA, Brittany Ann Payne. Last year won the Miss Earth Water. This year? We predict, this year was only able to grab the Miss Earth Fire 2015.

Finalist :  They are there Misses Austria, Panama, Thailand and Mongolia
Miss Austria 2015Miss Panama 2015Miss Thailand 2015Miss Mongolia 2015
Semifinalist :  They are there Misses  Slovak Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Netherlands, India, Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland and Guatemala.
Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2015
Miss Trinidad & Tobago
Dark Horse : Miss China, Sri Lanka. Malaysia, France and Aruba.
We do not wait for the final night. will there be a surprise? We just wait.

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