Miss Supranational 2015 Predict’s

The final night of Miss Supranational 2015 will be held on Friday, December 4, 2015.82 Contestants of Miss Supranational 2015 Smart, ready to become a winner.
IMG_7167 copy
Miss Mexico
IMG_7195 copy
Miss Thailand
Based on the assessment of quarantine and also a special assessment of the team.   They are Misses Australia, Colombia, China, Canada, Dominican Republic, India,Indonesia, Japan, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, Macau, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Panama, Peru,Philippines, Paraguay, Poland, Rwanda, Spain Scotland, Slovakia, Ukraine and Vietnam. 
IMG_7171 copy
Miss Myanmar
IMG_7200 copy
Miss Vietnam
IMG_7136 copy
Miss Dominican Republic
IMG_7154 copy
Miss Indonesia
Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Panama, and India. is a country that once was the winner of Miss Supranational.  In the event that there is no country that is 2 times winner of this year’s will be there of those countries? Or India back to back? But will the other countries who will be the winner? 
Photo Credit : Global Beauties.

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