Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International goes to Miss Philippines!!
Miss Tourism Metroplolitan International goes to Miss Uganda
Miss Tourism Global International goes to Miss Lithuania
MISS Tourism Cosmopolitan International goes to Miss Iceland
Dream Girl of the Year International goes to Miss India



1) Belarus
2) Bolivia
3) China
4) Uganda
5) Malaysia
6) Portugal
7) Lithuania
8) Iceland
9) Costa Rica
10) Philippines
11) Mongolia
12) India
Miss Tropicana Lifestyle ( Iceland )
Most Creative Selfie ( Bosnia and Herzegovina )
Miss Gintell Wellness ( India )
Miss KLIA Joyful ( Uganda )
Miss IDCC Congeniality ( Mongolia )
Miss Focus Point Dazzling ( Iceland )
Miss KL SOGO Trendsetter ( Philippines )
Best National Costume (Indonesia)
Best National Costume : Indonesia 



Pageant : Of the Year 2015

Throughout the 2015’s. many interesting events and in the media and Pageant Lovers all over the world. We will review the incident back into the spotlight in “5 Incident Beauty World 2015”



The event successfully attracted worldwide attention because of errors announce the winner. As a result of this incident the event winner, Miss Philippines, not to remember even remembered the embarrassing incident. Until now the incident is still much discussed by the Society.



2. MISS WORLD 2015
Event that was held, sanya, china is making a surprise. One was Miss Spain Mireia Lalaguna become the first winner in the Miss World. Indonesia also made history Because Vice They, Maria Hafarti into 2nd RU Miss World 2015. The highest achievement for Indonesia following the Miss World.


Philippines back calming the event, which caught our attention was the highest Medal Winner who failed to enter semifinalist. If medalist no absolute majority in the assessment should not be held any better. Because many victims “Medalist most” Failed Semifinalist entry. It is ironic.


4. Miss World Canada 2015 – Anastasia Lin was willing and entitled to participate in the event as Miss World Canada, and the pageant still lists her as a contestant. However, up to the last minute, Lin waited for an official invitation that is necessary for Chinese visa application, but to no avail and hence missed the official deadline of 20 November 2015 for entry to the pageant and was declared persona non grata by the Chinese Government. Lin had openly criticised China’s human rights violations. She is allowed by the Miss World Organization to compete at Miss World 2016.


5. Miss Earth India 2015

Video Eco Beauty Indian, Reaping criticism for the video There Territory Nepal. Many have asked the representative of India, Di remove. but not taken at The Miss Earth. See events like this, Miss Earth organization has failed.


2015 Most Beautiful Women

2015 Most Beautiful Women   :  TOP 50 



Miss International 2015 – Edymar Martinez

  • Edymar Martinez
  • Jennifer Valle
  • Eunice Onyango
  • Isis Stocco
  • Lorena Sevilla
  • Sofia Nikitchuk
  • Mireia Lalaguna
  • Valerie Abou Chacra
  • Janicel Lubina
  • Urvashi Rautela
  • Myriam Arévalos
  • Laura Spoya
  • Pia Wurtzbach
  • Vladislava Evtushenko
  • Aniporn Chalermburanawong
  • Hinarere Taputu

Miss  Universe  2015 – Pia Wurtzbach


  • Hillarie Parungao
  • Narissara France
  • Mariana Jimenez
  • Huong Pham
  • Aria Perez Theisen
  • Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê 
  • Monika Radulovic
  • Ariadna Gutiérrez
  • Catharina Choi
  • Catalina Morales
  • Regina Vandysheva
  • Marta Pałucka
  • Cecilie Wellemberg
  • Giovanna Cordeiro
  • Keysi Vargas
  • Kawtar Riahi Idrissi
  • Thiessa Sickert
  • Estefania Munoz
  • Stephania Vasquez Stegman
  • Dayanna Grageda
  • Lisa Drouillard
  • Alina Sapiha
  • Amanda Gomes
  • Tanja Ýr Ástþórsdóttir
  • Karina Martín
  • Tanisha Demour
  • Ariana Miyamoto
  • Ecem Çirpan
  • Victoria Mendoza
  • Yamelin Ramírez
  • Aditi Arya
  • Olivia Jordan
  • Kanisha Sluis
  • Rogelie Catacutan


                                        Miss World Brazil 2015 – Catharina Choi





Most Handsome 2015

This year, we will give appreciation to the man pageant contestant 2015. This 15 Contestants us: Yith Meas Aussa, Brett Murray Stratton, Eduardo Enrique Quintero, Anderson Tomazini, Reniel Villarreal, Fernando Alvarez, Freds Rivera, Kenny Austin, Farid Matar, Alejandro Ruiz, Cas Winters, Pedro Mendes and Julian Javier Torres.


winners are: Anderson Tomazini.
1st Runner-ups: Pedro Mendes.
2nd Runner-ups: Yith Aussa Meas.
3rd Runner-ups: Brett Murray Stratton.
4th Runner-ups: Cas Winters


The most beautiful Indonesian Beauty Queen 2015.


The most beautiful Indonesian Beauty Queen 2014 – Elvira Devinamira 


Towards the end of the year, we will create an appreciation for the beauty queen Indonesia. We chose 25 beauty queen contestants throughout Indonesia to enter the list of the most beautiful Indonesian Beauty Queen 2015.

This list of 15 contestants:
Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga, Jeyskia Ayunda Sembiring, Desti Beautiful Rizky Anastasia Herzigova, Sheryltha Pratyscha, Chintya Fabyola, Rebeka Steven Farhannisa Suri Maimoon Nasution, Patricia Ellen Setiawan, Savina Wibowo, Sere Kalina Florencia Sitorus, Damita Romauli Argoebie, Melayu  Nicole Hall, Belinda Pritasari and Grecia Hutapea.


The winner was Miss Damita Romauli Argoebie.
1st Runner Up: Miss Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga.
2nd Runner Up: Miss Anastasia Herzigova.
3rd Runner Up: Miss Jeyskia Ayunda Sembiring.
4th Runner Up: Miss Patricia Ellen Setiawan.


Miss Universe 2015



Miss Universe 2015

1st Runner-up

2nd Runner-up

Top 5

Top 10

Top 15



The show became controversial when host Steve Harvey mistakenly announced Ariadna Gutiérrez from Colombia as Miss Universe 2015, even though it had been decided by the judges that Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines had won.

After Gutiérrez was crowned, Harvey apologized profusely for his “horrible mistake” and showed his cue card, which he had misread, on live television. The crown was removed from Gutierréz’s head by Paulina Vega, Miss Universe 2014, and transferred to Wurtzbach. About three minutes passed from the time Gutierréz was mistakenly announced the winner until Harvey finally named Wurtzbach the winner.The televised show cut abruptly, and Wurtzbach did not have a chance to do her first walk on television.

The Miss Universe Organization acknowledged the error and also issued a public apology to both contestants on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Harvey later blamed theteleprompter[citation needed] and issued a public apology on Twitter.






Miss Universe 2015…. Analysis

Miss Universe 2015 ready to be held . This year , Miss Universe was held in Las Vegas , USA . Miss Universe contestants three weeks in quarantine . December 16 ago they had presented themselves in the Preliminary Competition.  For Miss Universe this time we judge based … Quarantine , Preliminary  competitions , Behavior and Beauty course.

This 25 Contestants of Miss Universe 2015 Favorite : They are Australia , Brazil , Colombia , Chile , Curacao , Denmark , Dominican Republic, Finland , France , Japan , Jamaica, Georgia , Great Britain , Haiti , India , Italy, Paraguay , Philippines , Peru , Russia , Tanzania , Thailand , USA , Venezuela and Vietnam. 

Dark Horse  : Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Myanmar, Indonesia and Ireland 

Preparing for the Crown :  Miss Universe 2015

Miss Australia : Monika Radulovic.  She is beautiful and has the aura of a queen . Complete package . Perfect!

Miss Brazil : Marthina Brandt.  We loved it. She is very natural beauty . Typical face latina. 

Miss India : Urvashi Rautela.  Beautiful , Styles , Diva . We really like the same style ,, very different from each other contestants . Urvashi be yourself . We think India is ready to become the winner of the Miss Universe Year.

Miss USA :     Olivia Jordan.   Perfect! 

Miss Dominican Republic : Clarissa Molina.   Face similar to Selena Gomez . Dominican Republic last to be a winner in 2003. Seeing that Clarisa thinking about opportunities. Our sense of Dominican Republic will be ready to be the winner .

Miss Philippines : Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach. Pia has advantages one of which she has sex appel . Supported the fanatic fans . We think pia to become the winner of Miss Universe will be easy .

Contestants or below winning 





Beauty world sometimes bring surprises , what about this year ?

Review : Miss World 2015

Miss World 2015 Finished . We will discuss some of the things that are important from the Miss World 2015. Miss World this year was a lot of surprise one of Indonesia into one – one Asian country that managed to become 2nd Runners . Here’s 5 Things spotlight in Miss World 2015 .

  • Controversy Miss World Canada . Issues affecting the Miss World Canada 2015, Anastasia Lin into our spotlight . because there are problems lin political overtones . Here Miss World Organisation unfair and more concerned with the host . Due to political problems , Miss World Canada 2015. Anastasia Lin Choosing retreat of the Miss World 2015 .
  • Mireia Lalaguna , Miss Spain first win Miss World .
  • Indonesia Recording History . Maria , Miss Indonesia first successful Achieved Top Position in the history of Miss World . Interestingly , Indonesia is the only country that is three wins Beauty With A Purpose.


  • Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Philippines placed in five consecutive editions.
  • Netherlands placed in four consecutive editions.  
  • China, Guyana, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, South Sudan and Vietnam placed in two consecutive editions. 
  • France, Jamaica and Spain last placed in 2013 edition.
  • Kazakhstan and Northern Ireland last placed in 2012 edition.
  • New Zealand last placed in 2011 edition.
  • Poland last placed in 2009 edition.
  • Ecuador last placed in 2007 edition.
  • Lebanon last placed in 2006 edition.


Opinion : This year the event, Contestant Introduction Nice but currently we do not like . Next year may be even more . See you at the Miss World 2016 .


Miss World 2015….. Mireia Lalaguna Royo.

                   Mireia Lalaguna Royo of Spain Wins Miss World 2015.



l results Contestant
Miss World 2015
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
Top 5
Top 11
Top 21
  •  BrazilCatharina Choi
  •  China PR – Yuan Lu
  •  EcuadorCamila Marañón
  •  KazakhstanRegina Vandysheva
  •  Netherlands – Margot Hanekamp
  •  New Zealand – Deborah Lambie
  •  Northern Ireland – Leanne McDowell
  •  Poland – Marta Pałucka
  •  Scotland – Mhairi Fergusson
  •  South Sudan – Ajaa Monchol

§ People’s Choice winner

Continental Queens of Beauty[edit]

Continental Group Contestant
  •  Jamaica – Sanneta Myrie
Europe  SpainMireia Lalaguna
  •  Australia – Tess Alexander





Miss World 2015…… Analysis

Miss World Organisation


Miss World 2015, will be the 65th edition of the Miss World pageant to be held on 19 December 2015 at the Crown of Beauty Theatre in Sanya, China PR. Rolene Strauss of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event. 114 contestants competed for the crown.



This Top 35 Contestant Our choice … they are Misses Australia, Brazil, China, Cameroon, Curacao, El Salvador, England, Ethiopia, France, Georgia, Guyana, Ivory Coast,India, Indonesia, Ireland, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Russia, South Sudan, Samoa, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, Venezuela. Vietnam and Wales.

Seeing the competition Miss World 2015 Contestants We took a long time to determine who the winner of the Miss World. We Choose 5 Contestants it is ready to become a winner.

They are Miss Australia, Vietnam, PR China, Russia and Paraguay.


Miss Australia. Highly Superior in fast track moreover she is very smart and he looked very calm. Complete package and Type As is well-liked Julia Morley.


Miss Vietnam. The characters are very charismatic become an attraction. 



Miss China. If you look at his face in fact he was not fit for Miss World. Because Factor host moreover jury factors we think are very supportive to be the winner of Miss World 2015.



Miss Russia.  She looks very expensive, elegant, charismatic and complete package.



Miss Paraguay. Latin woman who has the complete package. Moreover, he excels in some fast track. This beautiful girl would become the winner of Miss World first from Paraguay.

Or Those Who became winners.  There are seven contestants who we predicted. They are Miss India, Philippines, Brazil, Poland, France, South Africa and Puerto Rico.
We hope that the winner is appropriate at our prediction. If not, it does not matter, her name pageant. Difficult to predict.