MR.UNIVERSAL AMBASSADOR 2015 : “Official Swimwear Photos”

Mister Australia: one of the best photos of In this session , his eyes Gaze to look “cool” Score: B+

Mister Cambodia : Handsome, Hot! 😍 😚. Score : A+ 

Mister Cape Verde IslandDaniel, you look so hot. What about the women? You agree right? 😃 . Score : B+

Mister DenmarkSy lee’s  Poses for very nice but not for Swimwear. ☺️. Score : C+

Mister India : Jagjeet’s  Looks very hot. 😉 .  B+

Mister IndonesiaIn terms of Photo: pretty good, but not for the Expression and Swimwear. Cool pose no problem but can Sometimes look tense if not clever pose. 😞 . Score: C+

Mister Lebanon :  Mister Mrad’s Looks very Sexy. His pose is very nice. His expression was also okay 😍 . Score : A+

Mister Liberia : Good.  😉 .  Score : B+

Mister Malaysia : Handsome, Hot! 😍 😘.  Score : A+

Mister MyanmarHe looks handsome, but he’s less for body. Her poses are also less good. 😟 . Score : C+

Mister Nigeria : Not Good, Sorry. 😞.  Score : C+

Mister Oceania Fed : Brett’s You look very handsome. This photo became one of the most best according to admin. 😍. Score : A+

Mister Oman :  Not Good. 😟.  Score : C+

Mister Pakistan :  Good. 😊.  Score : B+

Mister Panama : Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  😍.  Score : A+

Mister Philippines :  Mister Alexis’s He’s good at posing. He was handsome but for body no. 😊.  Score : B-

Mister Puerto Rico : Mister Daniel so Hot! 😗. Score : A+

Mister Romania :  No! 😕.  Score : C+

Mister Thailand :  😐. Score : C+



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