Miss International 2015……………….Predictions!

70 Contestants Miss International 2015 ready to compete and won the Crown of Miss International 2000. Each year the Miss International was held in Japan, Miss International event this year is pretty good in our opinion, because even they areunlike other beauty contest.

Back to the prediction, the year contestants from Latin many dominating like Venezuela, Mexico and Honduras. Whether this country becomes the winner of theMiss International 2015? Wait A Minute. Miss International is very like the same surprise, surprise made the whole world 
We start our predictions.….
Lorena Sevilla
Miss International 2015
  • Mexico ▶️  Lorena Sevilla
  • 1st Runner-Up :  Brazil ▶️ Isis Stocco
  • 2nd Runner-up : Luxembourg  ▶️ Natascha Bintz
  • 3rd Runner-up : Philippines ▶️ Janicel Lubina
  • 4th Runner-up : USA ▶️ Lindsay Becker
Top 10
  • Kenya ▶️ Spain ▶️ Venezuela  ▶️ Canada ▶️ Honduras
Top 15
  • Zambia ▶️ Puerto Rico ▶️ Thailand  ▶️ Poland ▶️ Vietnam

Bubbling Up : Japan ▶️ Denmark ▶️  Colombia ▶️ Hawaii ▶️ New Zealand

Noted : From the beginning we‘ve said, the winner of the Miss International difficult to predict and hopefully our predictions came true.  Honduras, Venezuela and Indonesia Our predictions become the winner of the National Costume.  Link Streaming Miss International 2015 : http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mibp 

Best Luck Ladies! ❤️


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