Mister International 2015


Tonight, Mister International Finals have taken place by 2015. Mister Switzerland, Pedro Mendez was elected to be the winner. Lover of Miss Supranational Switzerland 2015 this defeated the Mister Brazil. Panama. Czech Republic and Korea

Mister Brazil are 1st RU follow by korea (2nd RU) Panama (3rd RU) and Czech Republic (4th RU)

Top 10 there is Indonesia, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Australia. Interestingly Venezuela. Puerto Rico and the Philippines are forecast to be the winner had to settle in the top 10. Lebanon, Sweden, China, Mexico and Spain signed in correlation the top 15.

Mister Singapore Wins Mister Congeniality, Mister Mexico Wins Mister Photegenic and the Philippines won Best National Costume award, Indonesia and Venezuela was Runner Up.

Top 15 Semifinalists

Mister Congeniality Edwin Aw of Singapore


 Mister Photogenic Alejandro Ruiz of Mexico

Photo Credit : Norman Tinio 



Mister International 2015 ~ Predictions


Mister International 2015

The final night of the Mister International 2015 will be held, Monday November 2015.30 in the Philippines. And here’s the 10 Contestants Mister International 2015 our favorite.   


They are Mister Puerto Rico, Panama, Myanmar, Switzerland, Lebanon, Brazil, Philippines, Australia, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic.


Prediction: it looks like this year the Philippines will be back to back wins the event

Miss Earth 2015 Press Presentation at Hilton Vienna Danube Waterf

The #MissEarth2015 Press Presentation held at the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront officially introduced the candidates to the media bothe local and international hosted by Andreas Siedl of PULS4 and Katia Wagner, Miss Earth Air 2013 with welcome remarks from Markus Hussler, General Manager of Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront and Jamie Herrell- Miss Earth 2014 togther with Lorraine Schuck EVP of Carousel Productions Inc and Sina Schmid, CEO of Onstage Austria hosting team.


After a sumptous buffet meal and interviews of delegates by the press the winners of the “Darling of the Press” were announced. Favorites awardees were: Miss Earth Scotland-BRONZE, Miss Earth Germany -SILVER and Miss Earth Austria-GOLD! Congratulations!