Miss Grand International 2015

Miss Grand 2015Parul Shah 3rd Runner-ups from Philippines, Claire Parker 1st Runner-ups from Australia,  Anea Garcia (Miss Grand International 2015) from Dominican Republic, Vartika Singh 2nd Runner-ups from India and Rattikorn Kunsom. 4th Runner-ups from India. Photos by Leonardo Rodrigues


Photos : Leonardo Rodrigues

The Top 10 semi-finalists

  • Brazil
  • Costa Rica
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Sri Lanka (Miss Popular Vote)

Top 20

  • Angola
  • United States of America
  • France
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Puerto Rico
  • Czech Republic
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela

Special Award

Best National Costume : Philippines

Best in Sosial Media : India

Best Swimsuit : Costa Rica

Best In Gown : Japan



The first transgender woman to compete in Spain’s Miss World beauty pageant.

A transgender woman hoping to make history by becoming Miss World Spain has been pipped to the post but says she already feels like a winner.

Angela Ponce, 23, from Seville, represented Cadiz, the southernmost province of Spain, in the international beauty pageant.

Angela Ponce, 23, is the first transsexual woman to represent a province in the Miss World Spain pageantAngela Ponce, 23, is the first transsexual woman to represent a province in the Miss World Spain pageant

The first openly transsexual woman to compete to represent Spain was eliminated in the first knockout roundShe failed to make it to the last ten in the beauty show despite being a favourite

Angela says knew from an early age that she was ‘different’.

She said: ‘When my parents asked me what toy I wanted, I went straight for the Barbies.’

The model, who still works at her parents’ restaurant, told 20minutos.es: ‘The bottom line is that my family supported me when I was little’ and she added that her father sat with her as she played with her dolls.

It was at age 11 when she began to investigate and discover transsexuality and could start to fight for being ‘who I really am’.

And while she wasn’t bullied at school, but says misunderstanding was rife and she now wants to help educate young people as, ‘people do not know what transsexuality is, they still confuse it with transvestism.’

After years of hormone therapy, in 2014, Angela had surgery to complete her transition.

Yet despite being the favourite, she failed to make it to the final ten in the beauty show held in Estepona, on the Costa Del Sol between Gibraltar and Marbella.

The beauty queen, pictured above as a boy, says that she always knew she was different and liked Barbies

The first openly transsexual woman to compete to represent Spain was eliminated in the first knockout round

But she said: ‘As far as I’m concerned I’m a winner.’

Angela also said that the ‘battle continues’ to raise awareness for the transgender community in Spain.

‘Society is not educated for diversity and that is what has made me go public. Here I am and I’m not weird, I just have a different story,’ she said.

Speaking about the pageant, she said: ‘I introduced myself as Angela Ponce and won as Angela Ponce. It is part of my history and I have nothing to hide.’

Angela says she feels like a winner because she has brought visibility to the transgender community Left: Angela is teary-eyed before the competing in Estepona. Right: She gets made up to compete

Angela supports the Daniela Foundation, dedicated to sensitising the world about transsexuals and transgender issuesAngela supports the Daniela Foundation, which is dedicated to transsexuals and transgender issues

‘I have the regional crown on my head and I will keep fighting to make us seen, to make us heard and to demonstrate that I am already a queen with my own crown.

Angela now supports the Daniela Foundation, which is dedicated to sensitising the world about transsexuals and transgender issues.

Miss Asturias Angela Gonzalez came in as runner-up in the competition.

Read More : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3290133/The-transgender-woman-compete-Spain-s-Miss-World-beauty-pageant-reveals-queen-despite-beaten-title.html

Miss Grand International 2015……………… Predictions!

Tonight, Miss Grand International 2015  will be held, more than 70 Contestants Miss Grand International 2015 ready to become the winner. 

Miss Grand International 2015 Contestant Fav’s : Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Panama, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sri Lanka,Suriname, Thailand, Ukraine. Vietnam and Wales. 

Top 5  : India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Suriname and Dominican Republic

Miss Vartika Singh


Miss Rattikorn Kunsom


Miss Ornella Mariam Gunesekere

Sri Lanka

Miss Svetoisckia Brunswijk


Miss Anea Garcia

Dominican Republic

Top 10 : Philippines, Spain, Ghana, Costa Rica and Japan

Miss Parul Shah


Miss Andrea De Cozar Martín


Miss Charlee EsiBekoe Berbicks


Miss Mariela Aparicio

Costa Rica

Miss Ayaka Tanaka


Top 20 : Australia, Brazil,Poland, Colombia, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Wales, Mexico and Cuba

Dark Horse : Indonesia, Malaysia, Estonia and Ukraine


Miss Grand International 2015 : Best National Costume.

12072533_389585617899000_3646020535443649918_nThe Top 20 top scorers in National Costume were announced. One of them will get the Best National Costume Award, to be announced during the live finals of the pageant on Sunday October 25,2015.

Top 20 Finalists
Sri Lanka
Dominican Republic






Final Results Contestant
Miss Venezuela Universo 2015
Miss Venezuela Internacional 2015
Miss Venezuela Tierra 2015
1st Runner-Up
  •  Yaracuy – Gessica Nunzia Fiume
2nd Runner-Up
  •  Vargas – Elizabeth Cristina Coello
Top 10

Award Contestant
Miss Fotogénica (Miss Photogenic)
Miss Elegancia (Miss Elegance)
Miss Amistad (Miss Congeniality)
  •  Táchira – Fabiana Virginia Viloria Villegas
Miss Talento (Miss Talent)
  • * Yaracuy – Gessica Nunzia Fiume
Mejores Vestidos de Gala (Best Evening Gowns)
  •  Apure – Karelys Oliveros (Designed by Alejandro Fajardo)
  •  Miranda – Katherine García (Designed by Julio Mora)
  •  Yaracuy – Gessica Fiume (Designed by Hugo Espina)
Award Contestant
Miss Actitud (Miss Attitude)  Carabobo – María José Brito
Miss Autentica (Most Authentic)  Monagas – Valeria Vespoli
Miss Belleza Integral (Miss Integral Beauty)  Lara – Mariam Habach
Miss Cabello Radiante (Most Beautiful Hair)  Amazonas – Andrea Rosales
Miss Confianza (Miss Confidence)

Guárico – Paula Schmidt

Miss Figura (Best Figure)  Cojedes – Arianny Barrios
Miss Online  Trujillo – Jessica Duarte
Miss Personalidad (Miss Personality)  Bolívar – Alvany Gonçalves
Miss Piernas De Venus (Best Legs)  Zulia – Yennifer González
Miss Rostro L’Bel (L’Bel Most Beautiful Face Award)  Trujillo – Jessica Duarte
Miss Sonrisa (Most Beautiful Smile)  Distrito Capital – Katherine Oliveira
Miss Tecnologia Samsung  Anzoátegui – Mariana Méndez