Miss International Thailand 2015……Sasi Sintawee!

20 Year old.  1.74 m Height She will represent Thailand  at the Miss International 2015 pageant.


Miss Earth Thailand 2014

Sasi joined the Miss Grand Thailand pageant where the winners will be competing in different pageants internationally. She was able to get the Miss Earth Thailand placement. She was crowned by Miss Earth-Air 2013, Katia Wagner. The winner, Miss Earth 2013,Alyz Henrich, was supposed to go there and grace the said event but it was postpones because of her health.[2]

After winning, Sasi promoted the cause of Miss Earth in Thailand. She, together with Katia Wagner, promoted the campaign of collecting trash in the bin in order to reduce the amount of miss trashing and also the trash sorting campaign.[3] They also promoted the campaign to Bangkok citizens and tourists for using more bicycle commute around inner area of Bangkok as well using more mass transit instead of personal car to reduce the traffic and pollution problem in Bangkok business area.[4][5]

Sasi also promotes her activity which is called “Save the World” campaign which enabled her to promote the prevention of water pollution,[6] proper waste management disposal[7]and fire prevention.[8]

As part of her prizes, Sasi, together with other Miss Grand Thailand winners, traveled to the Philippines to have an intensive training as part of their preparations for their participation in their respective international pageants. While in the Philippines, Sasi was able to meet Miss Philippines Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell.

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