Miss Grand International : The philosophy of the logo of the Miss Grand International “Torch Lady”

The philosophy of the logo of the Miss Grand International Torch Lady is divided into 4 parts, and will be explained from top to bottom as follows:
  • The fire of peace
From the shoulder to the top Ribbon represents fire of peace and by addingabbreviation of Miss Grand International (PIG) that is fully translated as the flame onthe torch carried by a beautiful woman. Miss Grand International is expected to bring peace to mankind. Following the concept of the “stop the War and violence” which isthe main motto of Miss Grand International.
  • Forward-facingmoving forward
The figure of the Woman facing straight forward means symbolizes that she is readyto move forward to complete his duties in carrying out the Mission of peace and bringthe following concept of Miss Grand International‘s “stop the war and Violece
  • Body 
The body of the woman in the logo represent the stick the torch which will support the fire of peace. The design of the body which represents the beauty of the figure ofthe woman who is feminine and able to be a role model. Elastic body position, standing facing forward position with hand akimbo and enthroned figure symbolizesthe real beauty queen.
  • Name 
The name Miss these Grand International is a majestic power of a beauty pageant.Where each country will add the name of Miss Grand International with the name of each country, such as Miss Grand International INDONESIA”.
While on the international stage, all States will unite and strive to be the Miss Grand International.
And thus means every country will be incorporated into one to create peace throughthe campaign “stop the war and violence”.

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