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National Costume of Miss Grand Malaysia 2015 – Santhawan Boonratana

National Costume:
The emancipation of mystical Mak Yong: The unfold tale of the adventurous journey of Anak Raja Gondang

Borneo Republic

Mak Yong is considered the most authentic and representative of Malay performing arts because it is mostly untouched by external sources. The Mak Yong may have been in existence in the Malay Kingdom of Patani for many centuries. Patani, which was known as Langkasuka in ancient chronicles (it was referred to as ‘Liang Ya Hus in the History of the Liang Dynasty 505 – 556 AD and subsequently), was in existence at least 1,400 years ago. Although most traditional Malay dances were influenced by India, Java and other parts of Southeast Asia, Mak Yong’s singing and musical repertoire are unique. There is a considerable amount of Javanese and non-Javanese influence evident in the traditional theatre of Kelantan. The invocations addressed in Mak Yong performances refer constantly to “Semar” and “Turas,” both purely non-Hindu Javanese deities. It is clear that all elements which are animism, Hindu-Buddhism and Javanese influence – made their contributions to Malay Kelantan theatrical activity. With the coming of Islam, another dimension was added. In 2005, Malaysia’s Mak Yong theatre was awarded with “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity,” a prestige recognition by UNESCO body. Mak Yong is performed mainly as entertainment or for ritual purposes related to healing practices.

“Anak Raja Gondang” – a story which is very much related to Mak Yong atmosphere, is a story originally from the Jataka tales but now almost unknown in India. The tale unfolds when Raja Gondang voices his intention to explore other lands for experience and adventure. It is the most spiritual, emotional and physical journey he has ever been through.

Inspired by Mak Yong, this National Costume portrays the journey of “Anak Raja Gondang” through the twists and turns of his life. Accessories and headgear symbolize various ethnic in Malaysia. Malaysia is a multi-racial country consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous indigenous people. With this, comes a myriad of religion, festivals, food and customs. The use of Wau (intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite normally with floral motifs) is one of Malaysia’s national symbols, some others being the ‘keris’ and ‘hibiscus.’ The main fabric is Songket. The term ‘Songket’ comes from the Malay word sungkit, which means “to hook.” The combination of gold thread, intricate and vibrant designs form exquisite motifs which defined the uniqueness and beauty of Songket. The lustrous and shimmery glow of the Songket never fail to cast its spell on both weaver and admirer.

Miss International Thailand 2015……Sasi Sintawee!

20 Year old.  1.74 m Height She will represent Thailand  at the Miss International 2015 pageant.


Miss Earth Thailand 2014

Sasi joined the Miss Grand Thailand pageant where the winners will be competing in different pageants internationally. She was able to get the Miss Earth Thailand placement. She was crowned by Miss Earth-Air 2013, Katia Wagner. The winner, Miss Earth 2013,Alyz Henrich, was supposed to go there and grace the said event but it was postpones because of her health.[2]

After winning, Sasi promoted the cause of Miss Earth in Thailand. She, together with Katia Wagner, promoted the campaign of collecting trash in the bin in order to reduce the amount of miss trashing and also the trash sorting campaign.[3] They also promoted the campaign to Bangkok citizens and tourists for using more bicycle commute around inner area of Bangkok as well using more mass transit instead of personal car to reduce the traffic and pollution problem in Bangkok business area.[4][5]

Sasi also promotes her activity which is called “Save the World” campaign which enabled her to promote the prevention of water pollution,[6] proper waste management disposal[7]and fire prevention.[8]

As part of her prizes, Sasi, together with other Miss Grand Thailand winners, traveled to the Philippines to have an intensive training as part of their preparations for their participation in their respective international pageants. While in the Philippines, Sasi was able to meet Miss Philippines Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell.

Miss Grand International : The philosophy of the logo of the Miss Grand International “Torch Lady”

The philosophy of the logo of the Miss Grand International Torch Lady is divided into 4 parts, and will be explained from top to bottom as follows:
  • The fire of peace
From the shoulder to the top Ribbon represents fire of peace and by addingabbreviation of Miss Grand International (PIG) that is fully translated as the flame onthe torch carried by a beautiful woman. Miss Grand International is expected to bring peace to mankind. Following the concept of the “stop the War and violence” which isthe main motto of Miss Grand International.
  • Forward-facingmoving forward
The figure of the Woman facing straight forward means symbolizes that she is readyto move forward to complete his duties in carrying out the Mission of peace and bringthe following concept of Miss Grand International‘s “stop the war and Violece
  • Body 
The body of the woman in the logo represent the stick the torch which will support the fire of peace. The design of the body which represents the beauty of the figure ofthe woman who is feminine and able to be a role model. Elastic body position, standing facing forward position with hand akimbo and enthroned figure symbolizesthe real beauty queen.
  • Name 
The name Miss these Grand International is a majestic power of a beauty pageant.Where each country will add the name of Miss Grand International with the name of each country, such as Miss Grand International INDONESIA”.
While on the international stage, all States will unite and strive to be the Miss Grand International.
And thus means every country will be incorporated into one to create peace throughthe campaign “stop the war and violence”.

Latest photos of Miss Universe Indonesia 2015 Anindya Kusuma Putri

Confidence does not always appear because you’re beautiful or rich. Confidence will appear when you feel grateful of every part of your body, your soul, and all the things that God gives in your life. Appreciate, respect, and love yourself and your life more.

Photographer: @adetfoto
Make Up & Hairdo: @ipehdeyn
Studio: @myphotoclub

Do the things that you are afraid of, do the thing that you’ve never done before, do the thing out from your comfort zone and those things will make you develop your self a lot. 

Photographer: @rudy_hari
Make Up & Hairdo: @arnold_pamungkas
Gown: @byansoe

Miss Russia 2015, Sofia Nikitchuk will representing her country at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China.

Miss Russia 2015, Sofia Nikitchuk will representing her country at Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China. 

Sofia Nikitchuk will represent Russia at the Miss World Contest in Sanya, China on Dec. 19.

The Miss World Contest will take place in Sanya, China, beginning Nov. 21. During the period before the final, contestants will take part in talent, national costume, modeling and fitness competitions, as well as represent their charity projects in the Beauty with a Purpose initiative. The final pageant will be held on the 19th of December at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre.

Sofia, Miss Russia 2015, was born and raised in Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk region, in October 20, 1993.

Being a child Sofia was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics, pop and ballroom dancing, also she graduated from an art school as well as a music school, piano. In high school she was a professional volleyball player.

After school Sofia left Snezhinsk and moved to Ekaterinburg for Higher education at the Ural Federal University, faculty of Humanities and Arts. This year she graduated from the University with honors.
Since her early years Sofia has been always engaged in charity. In future, she would like to get the second Higher education to become a specialist in Psychology and to establish her own fond.

Interesting fact about Sofia
Zodiac: Libra
Height: 178 cm
Measurements: 88-64-89 cm
Favourite movie: Intouchables
Favourite book: Three comrades, E.M. Remarque
Favorite food: Caprese
Hobbies: Psychology, piano playing, sports, traveling.