Paola Nunez Valdez is Miss Universe Canada 2015


Paola Nunez Valdez was crowned Miss Universe Canada 2015, on Saturday May 23rd at the St Lawrence Centre for the Arts during the Miss Universe Canada 2015 Finals.


Official Results

Miss Universe Canada 2015: Paola Nunez, Toronto, ON

1st Runner-up: Michelle McKay, Sarina, ON
2nd Runner-up: Kathryn Kohut, Wetaskiwin, AB
3rd Runner-up: Brynn Blackwood, Oakville, ON
4th Runner-up: Skye Nwaelleh, Ottawa, ON

Top 12 Semi Finalists:
Anneline Helms, Brandon, MB
Brittany Michalchuk, Calgary, AB
Catherine Valle, Leamington, ON
Hannah Simard, Wawa, ON
Lauren Heinsar, Edmonton, AB
Melanie McGregor, Ajax, ON
Yass Sadr, Toronto, ON

Top 20 Quarter Finalists:
Elika Loriamini, North York, ON
Emily Thompson, Caledonia, ON
Lavanya Hiremath, Vancouver, BC
Lisa Nguyen, Edmonton, AB
Maddison Fysh, London, ON
Madison Colberg, Drumheller, AB
Maleeka Singh, Brampton, ON
Renita Reddy, Burnaby, BC

Special Awards

Miss Photogenic: Jaime VandenBerg, Lethbridge, AB
Miss Congeniality: Krystle Parra Ortiz, Vancouver, BC
Best Hair: Michelle McKay, Sarnia, ON

Fast Track Winners

People’s Choice Award: Lisa Nguyen, Edmonton, AB
Audience Favourite: Emily Thompson, Caledonia, ON
Humanitarian Award: Lauren Heinsar, Edmonton, AB
Best Body: Michelle McKay, Sarnia, ON
Best Runway: Kathryn Kohut, Wetaskiwin, AB


Top 5 (L-R): Skye Nwaelleh, Paola Nunez, Brynn Blackwood, Kathryn Kohut, Michelle McKay


Top 12 (L-R): Brynn Blackwood, Yass Sadr, Skye Nwaelleh, Catherine Valle, Kathryn Kohut, Melanie McGregor, Anneline Helms, Hannah Simard, Brittany Michalchuk, Lauren Heinsar, Paola Nunez, Michelle McKay


Top 20 (L-R): Lavanya Hiremath, Maleeka Singh, Madison Colberg, Paola Nunez, Anneline Helms, Melanie McGregor, Michelle McKay, Renita Reddy, Skye Nwaelleh, Lisa Nguyen, Elika Loriamini, Maddison Fysh, Emily Thompson, Brynn Blackwood, Hannah Simard, Brittany Michalchuk, Lauren Heinsar, Kathryn Kohut, Yass Sadr, Catherine Valle. 


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