Femina Miss India 2015 | Special Award

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Miss  Fashion Icon  Pranati Prakash

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Miss Active  Sushruthi Krishna

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Miss Photogenic Vartika Sing

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Miss Waterbaby  Meghna Mittal

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Miss Sudoku  Aditi Arya

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Miss National Costume Vartika Singh

Special Award 

Miss Fashion Icon: Pranati Prakash

Miss Vivacious: Sushrii Shreya Mishraa

Miss Healthy Skin: Rakshita Harimurthy

Miss Timeless Beauty: Deeksha Kaushal

Miss Beautiful Hair: Aditi Arya

Miss Congeniality: Aafreen Rachel Vaz

Miss Active: Sushruthi Krishna

Miss Lifestyle: Deeksha Kaushal

Miss Talented: Pranati Prakash and Medhika Priya Singhal

Miss Body Beautiful: Diksha Singh

Miss Rampwalk: Sushrii Shreya Mishraa

Miss Photogenic: Vartika Sing

Miss Bright Smile: Minash Ravuthar

Miss Waterbaby: Meghna Mittal

Miss Sudoku: Aditi Arya

Miss National Costume: Vartika Sing

Miss Selfie: Apeksha Porwal

Miss Beautiful Eyes: Aishwarya Goel

Miss Popular: Rewati Chetri

Miss Beautiful Legs: Rakshita Harimurthy

Photo Credit : Femina Miss India Twitter


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