Analysis for the Miss Indonesia

Photo by Rappler
Miss Indonesia 2015 has passed but has its own story, we are going to give an opinionon the final night of the Miss Indonesia 2015. This year we greatly applaud the same Miss Indonesia Organisation , which changed the system of miss indonesia. The highlights of the Final night of the Miss Indonesia 2015 is the Dance of the archipelago. very cool and should be preserved. That makes boring night finals of Miss Indonesia 2015 is the bearer of his show (less mastered the stage and do not understand how to show pageant)
Criticism of the Miss Indonesia Organisation 
The winner of Miss Indonesia always sent to Miss World. It should be noted that the national director is choosing the representative Indonesia complete package. Talentshould be OK, be OK, catwalk and soulless Killer body social. Sash Factor Indonesia in Miss World is very strong with these benefits why not YMI took a clever step? It was not easy to become national director but not allow hope just being fast track winnersIt’s about time Indonesia target becomes the winner.
Select the contestants of the Miss Indonesia is better than the contestants home townand domiciled in the city. Be great working with the local government. Let that not be a controversy.
Special: Gifts for Miss World  
Each year the Miss Indonesia Organization invited miss world to Indonesia. And nothing special offerings specifically for Miss World final the night Miss Indonesia. The dress worn by Miss World also less okay and not expensive! quite disappointing! There should be the necessary changes to the fore! Our hope.
Our advice to Miss Indonesia
1. Stage. The final night of the Miss Indonesia stage year after year there is a greatnecessary changes this year to be the coolest stage throughout the history of Ourversion of Miss Indonesia Organizers.
2. The finalists of miss Indonesia Poses in our opinion too stiff for the beauty pageant event except the voice guidance. Miss Indonesia pageant pageant so it should fit with the concept of her show. Not a problem but it should be different in accordance with his show.

3. Host. The host is the most important in any event anywhere and depending on thecarrier shows how to bring his show to what good or even boring. Host of the pageantcould not keep the image, it is understood the World pageant, not stiff and don’t get too relaxed. Reserved host Miss Indonesia always wrong choose..Please select the appropriate host with the World pageant.

4. Dress/evening gown. Dress better opening time according to the same custom of Indonesia. 2 this year did dress for the opening is indeed already a great insufficient alone for a pageant Dress Opening Example, appropriate for Miss Indonesia.

Parang Kencana I Sylwia Mickiewicz I POSH I Cosmopolitan I Nov 12  #photography #model #fashion

This highly Batik Parang kencana according to Contestants of Miss Indonesia.

Evening Gown appropriate for the Pageant

"Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013-2014 Collection ~ 'Gown Gorgeous'. Born in Lebanon, Ziad Nakad has had a passion for fashion since he was a child... Today Ziad Nakad is a recognized name in Lebanon, the MENA region and the world."Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014 <3Zuhair Murad, 2013/2014 black glitter gownI'd like the neckline a little higher; otherwise, stunning!  Fall 2014 Couture Zuhair Murad

(Photo Source: from a variety of sources)

5. Guest Stars. Guest stars for a glimpse of the beauty pageant for Miss Indonesia.Indonesia has qualified as SingeJudika , Agnes Monica, Raisa and the other his. 

It’s just criticism and advice to Miss Indonesia Organization since we want to Miss Indonesia Organizations and understand the World pageant. Agree or not that’s your right. Accept or not it’s your right. Thank you.  

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