Ready To the crown : Miss Indonesia 2015

Ready To the crown :  Miss Indonesia 2015



1. Kalimantan TengahDAMITA ARGOEBIE

Gorgeous! Damita has a talent in the field of modelling, acting, and dancing. The complete package!


2.  Kalimantan Utara VIVI WIJAYA

One of the contestants of the Miss Indonesia 2015 that have the best Public speaking.Vivi is also gorgeous, sweet and potential. Vivi could be the winner of Miss Indonesia next.


3. Jawa Tengah | RAIHNA MEISKA

Indonesia face. She is very sweet, Owner motto alive ‘ hope, faith, and glory is also very talented. He could be a strong contender for the Crown of Miss Indonesia 2015.



4. Jawa Timur | PATRICIA ELLEN

His face is similar to the same glance Astrid Ellena, Miss Indonesia 2011 and equally represented the province of East Java.  Sometimes the perfection that we have to make sure that all around us there are still many shortcomings and needed a helping hand,”  Said Patricia Ellen 


5.  GorontaloMELAYU NICOLE

Melayu  Nicole Is Half Indonesian and Italian. Nicole face very similar same Miss World 2013 MEGAN YOUNG.  Nicole is very potential and we predict she strong candidate winning the Crown of Miss Indonesia 2015. Indonesia has various types of dances that have characteristic and meaning of each.From here, we can set out to introduce one of the ancestral culture to the world,He Said 


6.  Sumatera Selatan | SAVINA WIBOWO

One interesting thing about his Smile is Savina. Interesting facts from this gorgeousGirl taking her time to become assistant teachers at Morning Star Academy (MSA) Kindergarden School.  We assess he is ready to become the winner.



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