The 88 Contestants of miss universe is very beautiful and interesting of course is the attraction for the miss universe pageant. Contestants from Asia, Europe, Africa,Oceania and the Americas to compete to be the best. Who are the contestants from the area to be the contestant most likely won the Crown of miss universe? He’s our analysis.


Contestants from asia and ocenia very pretty, clever and sweet. There are four contestants from Asia and Three contestants from Ocenia. Asia (India, Indonesia,Thailand and the Philippines) Ocenia (Australia, Guam and New Zealand)


1. Miss India | Noyonita Lodh this girl is very pretty and exotic. He’s the complete package.
2. Miss Indonesia | Elvira Devinamira this girl remind Admins to Honey lee and Miss Universe 2007, Riyo Mori. One thing that became elvira’s appeal was that he was veryconfident. He’s the real Queen.

3. Miss Thailand | Pimbongkod Chankaew. Looks like all the same miss universe 2005, Natalie Glebova. This girl is also very graceful and reticent. PIM is the Miss Universecontestants Most high. PIM also has talent designers. Amazing!
4. Miss Philippines | Mary Jean Lastimosa. Pretty and smart. Speaking of sash factor Philippines in Miss Universe is very strong.Do not create an obstacle for mary to be a miss universe.

5. Miss Australia | Tegan Martin. Tegan one contestant who could be the winner. speaking of australia’s victory in the miss universe … the last in 2004. Judging from appearances during quarantine, tegan, tegan, much like the same Jennifer Hawkins. Tegan is one of the strongest contestants.

6. Miss Guam | Brittany Bell. His name is no stranger to create fans  of the World pageant. the 2010 year ago Brittany became Miss USA 2010 contestants representative Arizona. Unfortunately she unplaced, this year he represented guam tomiss universe. Brittany has a very exotic skin and she has a very pretty face. Miss Universe next? Nothing is impossible.

7. Miss New Zealand | Rachel Millns. Beautiful and sweet girl. Rachel’s chances very strong actually Millns to become miss universe and even then depending rachel when preliminary competitions.

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