The continent of africa is also not less send representatives who have potential. There are two contestants from africa that has pontensi the Crown of miss universe. South Africa and Angola.
1.   Miss South Africa | Ziphozakhe Zokufa
Her face reminds us to the singer‘s more happening, Nicky Minaj. This girl is so sweet.South Africa send representatives is very exotic. The country last won the miss universe 1978, Ziphozakhe Zokufa became one of the contestants should be seeded inthe Crown of miss universe.
2.  Miss Angola | Zuleica Wilson
Angola last won miss universe in the year 2011. How about this year? Zuleica can beaccounted for in the list of contestants ready to Crown miss universe, characters very similar same zuleica leila lopes..calm and was washed away. Will the Crown to presenttwo Zuleica for his country? Surely if zuleica appearance very well in Preliminary Competitions.



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