Interview of the new Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, in Miss Universe’s new home

Interview of the new Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, in Miss Universe’s new home In Univision.


The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant


Final Results:

Miss Universe 2014 :   Miss Colombia,Paulina Vega.

1st Runner-Up: Miss USA, Nia Sanchez.

2nd Runner-Up: Miss Universe Ukraine, Diana Harkusha.

3rd  Runner-Up : Miss Universe Netherlands, Yasmin Verheijen.

4th Runner-Up : Miss Universe Jamaica, Kaci Fennell

[Top 10]


Miss Universe Argentina, Valentina Ferrer; Miss Universe Australia, Tegan Martin; Miss Universe Philippines, Mary Jean Lastimosa; Miss Universe Spain, Desire Cordero Ferrer  and Miss Universe Venezuela, Migbelis Castellanos. 

[Top 15]


Miss Universe Brazil, Melissa Gurgel  | Miss Universe France, Camille CerfMiss Universe India, Noyonita Lodh  | Miss Universe Italy, Valentina Bonariva and  Miss Universe Indonesia, Elvira Devinamira.

Special Award

The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE PageantMiss Puerto Rico Gabriela Berrios Won Miss Photogenic 

The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE PageantMiss Nigeria Queen Celestine won Miss Congeniality 

The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE PageantMiss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira won the Best National Costume


Photo Source by Miss Universe

Miss Universe Italy, Valentina Bonariva;  Ukraine, Diana Harkusha; Miss USA, Nia Sanchez; and Miss Universe Venezuela, Migbelis Castellanos

The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant | Prediction

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The 88 Contestants of Miss Universe 2014/2015 around the world ready for the Crown of Miss Universe. He’s our favorite Miss Universe contestants:


[Top 5]

Spain | Desirée Cordero

Colombia | Paulina Vega

Ukraine | Diana Harkusha

Jamaica | Kaci Fennell

Philippines | Mary Jean Lastimosa


[Top 10]

Serbia | Andjelka Tomašević

Mexico | Josselyn Garciglia

USA | Nia Sanchez

India | Noyonita Lodh

Argentina | Valentina Ferrer


[Top 15] 

France | Camille Cerf

Russia | Yulia Alipova

Costa Rica | Karina Ramos

Czech Republic | Gabriela Franková

Thailand | Pimbongkod Chankaew


[Top 20]

Italy | Valentina Bonariva

Lithuania | Patricija Belousova

Puerto Rico | Gabriela Berrios

Venezuela | Migbelis Castellanos

Indonesia | Elvira Devinamira


Honorable Mentation :

Guatemala, Turks & Carcos, Turkey, Israel, Slovakia Republic, Haiti, Guyana, Dominican Republic, Japan, South Africa , Peru and Malaysia.


The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant : the judging panel


The 63rd Annual MISS UNIVERSE® Pageant : the judging panel

Miss Universe 2014

  • Emilio Estefan (Cuban-American), 19-time Grammy Award winning musician and producer
  • DeSean Jackson (USA), Washington Redskins wide receiver and return specialist; three-time Pro Bowler
  • Nina Garcia (Colombia), Creative Director of Marie Claire Magazine, Lifetime’s hit show “Project Runway” judge, and fashion industry expert
  • Rob Dyrdek (USA), Dynamic serial entrepreneur and star of MTV’s Ridiculousness andRob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
  • Giancarlo Stanton (USA), Miami Marlins celebrated right fielder, two-time Major League Baseball All-Star and recipient of the biggest contract in sports history


  • Manny Pacquiao, Fighter of the Decade, eight-division world champion and Filipino Congressman
  • Kristin Cavallari, TVhost and shoe designer for Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry
  •  William Levy, TV and film actor who was previously named People En Espanol’s Sexiest Man Alive
  • Lisa Vanderpump, Star of hit show “Vanderpump Rules” and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  • Louise Roe, Fashion journalist, author, host of “Plain Jane” on MTV International and the upcoming TLC fashion series, “Style By Jury”




The continental americas contestants who have the potential to win the miss unverse..the 12 contestants who have the potential of it is ARGENTINA, BRAZIL, COLOMBIA,COSTA RICA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC,  MEXICO, USA, and VENEZUELA.


Miss Argentina | Valentina Ferrer.

The girl is Stunning, interesting and potential, Argentina last won miss universe in 1962 a very long time! Valentina Ferrer complete package! He was one of the contestants who are ready to compete and americas becomes the winner.


Miss Brazil | Melissa Gurgel

One of the contestants who entered top 5 best in interview web version PPK. This girl has the complete package to be a miss universe.


Miss Colombia | Paulina Vega

Super Stunning! Paulina complete package. Paulina looks very styles. Perfect!


Miss Costa Rica | Karina Ramos

Karina has great aura. He was one of the contestants the americas could be a winnerof miss universe. Even if karina is not wrong choosing her evening gown for the preliminary competitions.


Miss Dominican Republic | Kimberly Castillo

Gorgeous! Kim did during quarantine at a miss universe performance decline is quiteunfortunate. He actually has potential! One thing that should be diwaspada by kimevening dress! Many have failed due to a disappointing evening dress. Hopefully nothappen to kim.


Miss Mexico | Josselyn Garciglia

3 words for Miss Mexico is beautiful! Perfectly. A matter of the body. appearance and others we don’t v let alone the national director, Lupita Jones. so know what is best forthe child his protégé. Last year representatives of mexico‘s disappointing. .. This yearmexico send representatives who are beautiful. Josselyn Garciglia was one of the contestants americas pretty. Gorgeous!


Miss USA | Nia Sanchez

Gorgeous! He has the complete package.


Miss Venezuela | Migbelis Lynette Castellanos

Gorgeous! Hopes of back to back? It seems difficult for Venezuela. Migbelisappearance in quarantine were disappointing. The style is very messy Except Migbelis  appeared perfect in preliminary competition recently to back to back.