Moments throughout the year 2014

Moment Moment throughout the year 2014 Selection team  

1.   Resign Beauty Queen Thailand

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Miss World Honduras 2014

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Miss Asia Pacific World Dethroned Winner May Myat Noe

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“Queen” National Costume

An outstanding year for Indonesia. This year Indonesia national costume became Queen of the world. Indonesia managed to shift the position of Thailand used to bealways superior in terms of National Costume.

Achievements: Best National Costume (Miss International, Miss Earth, Miss Supranational pageant and the other his)  Not one of us called Indonesia National Costume as the Queen.

Controversy over the Miss Earth 2014

This year’s Miss Earth back into the spotlight. not just his winner into the spotlight but the winner of the vote did not enter the Top 16. Not a problem that only the highestmedalist was not to enter the semifinals. This incident is already the third timehappened. The team is the same assessment was puzzled as Miss Earth if ChallengeEvents are not the same assessment to influence what is held? This is really weird. 

The Philippines failed to defend his title


The Philippines hopes to back to back in Miss World. Miss Supranational and Miss International failed miserably. Miss World in the Philippines only in the top 25, MissSupranational won 2nd Runner Up and Miss International had to swallow a bitter pillbecause it did not manage to advance to the semifinals. How about next year? May be better.

 Achievements of Guyana in Miss World

The best years for Guyana. Miss World Guyana Rafieya Hussain won exceptionalachievements. Achievements: Top 5 BWAP and Miss World CaribbeanGuyana must wait 15 years to get semifinalist. An incredible journey. Achievements of Guyana early 60/70s

1967 (Umblita Van Sluytman: Top 15) (Shakira “Brownsound” Baksh: 2nd runners-up)1968 (Adrienne Harris :  5th runner-up) 1969 (Pamela Patricia Lord: 3rd runners-up1970 (Jennifer Diana Wong : Top 10) and 1971 (Nalini Moonsar: 3rd Runner up)

There is a unique achievement, Guyana, where the host of the Miss World pageant is the United Kingdom. Apart from that guyana had already carved out a remarkable accomplishment.

The third Miss World Crown to South Africa

Rolene Strauss offered a third Crown to his country, SOUTH AFRICA.From the beginning it has been seeded into winner Miss World 2014. and no surprisethat eventually became the winner Rolene. Talk of his Accomplishments, Rolene issueexcels in some fast track such as: TOP models, BEACH FASHION and BWAP.

Before representing his country turned out way to winning the title of Miss South Africa takes time. Rolene follow Miss South Africa 2011 festive unfortunately only the top 5 then the winner Melinda Bam )  Melinda is now the National Director of the Miss South Africafinally 2014 Rolene succeeded in rousing the title of Miss South Africa 2014 and becomes Miss World, 2014. A perfect dream. 

The best moment of the year 2014

Miss World chairwoman Julia Morley with a tribute in the form of a song number. She was then greeted by Miss World 1994,Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Miss World 1953 Denise Perrier and Miss World 2013 Megan Young.


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