Miss Universe Indonesia 2014 || Elvira Devinamira

Wednesday, December 17, 2014 ago, YPI held a Press Conference, Elvira Devinamiragoes to Miss Universe. She is The coverage of the Press Conference Miss Universe Indonesia 2014 that Tim quotes from vemale.com.  

Indonesia National Costume For Miss Universe   : 

Busana bertema Borobudur yang dipakai Elvira | Photo: Copyright Doc vemale.com

Photo: Copyright Doc vemale.com

Indonesia National Costume theme is The Chronicle of Borobudur Dynand Vicki‘s work. Borobudur was built not only as a religious symbol but also a reflection of stability, strength, elegance and grandeur that the architecture,” said Ivan Fhanany as Assistant Dynand Vicki.

Evening Gown that is so wonderful talented Designer Indonesia

Elvira Devinamira | foto: copyright vemale/yuni

Photo : copyright vemale

Elvira Devinamira | foto: copyright vemale/yuni

Photo :  copyright vemale

Elvira Devinamira quote at Press Conference

There is a sense of pleasure at the same time nervous ahead of my departure to Miami. Since this is the first time I was sent out by YPI to follow international beauty pageants

Preparation of the nge-gym training, catwalk, public speaking. Because of this the Miss Universe so be your self wrote, how any situation handling big myself, and I do not have the load. Enjoy the moment alone 

There is no target people the Best National Custome, paramount called in one place.It’s time we realize what is called unite. Voting must be brilliant,

Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees YPI, Putri K Wardani.
I really hope we send the daughter Indonesia could grab the best results at MissUniverse, in 2015, if it can be better than its predecessor. The success of winning will definitely be pride for Indonesia, “

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