Putri Pariwisata Indonesia 2014 : Review (Aceh | Riau Island)

El John pageant again Hold a selection of Princess Tourism Indonesia 2014 ” Putri Pariwisata Indonesia”  the winner of this event will be sent to an international pageant. 38 Contestants from across the province in indonesia is ready to compete to be the best. Before the admin choose who will be the winner, the admin will judge each contestant.. this stage is called “Review” And let’s start his judgement!

Aceh  |  Putri Lailan Tifani

One of the contestants who wear hijab, we like! Speaking of Achievements in aceh is arguably one of the most successful in the event; In 2008 Aceh becomes 1st RU) 2009(2nd RU) 2011 (Top 10) 2012 (Top 10). Years 2010 and 2013 were less fortunate yearfor aceh. How about this year? She is beautiful but to get in the Top 10 is very difficult.Prediction: he could be the winner of the Special Award.  

North Sumatra |  Annisa Dyah Wijayanti

Beautiful, her face is typical of Indonesia. North Sumatra is best achievements 4th RU (2011) How this year? Hmmm …It is very difficult. Prediction: the winner of the Special Award.

West Sumatra ||  Ratu  Rolinda Rahman

One of the contestants that have an attractive smile is. .. like! This year West Sumatrato send representatives who are beautiful. How Ratu‘s chances? Our prediction she has a chance of entering the top 10.

Bengkulu | Siti Aisyah Putri

Sweet but to get into the top 10 rows is difficult enough. Siti more opportunities to winin the category special award.

Riau | Vivien Anjadi Suwito

Faces of Vivien is very typical of indonesia, his face reminds me of a child singer fromIndonesia, Cikita medi. What are the chances? It is not easy but she has potential.Prediction: he’s a surprisingly Non-seeded or could he be the winner. 

Riau Islands | Wan Aniska Ariyanti

He is very potential for becoming the winner. because he has the aura of a beautyqueen. Prediction: the winner and the winner of the Special Award,

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