👑 Ready to the Crown “Miss Universe 2014” Miss USA | Nia Sanchez

This time the Team Edition will discuss where the contestant who could bring home the miss universe Crown. Ready for the Crown is a special edition to discuss the contestants of miss universe contestants most likely took home the Crown.

The first contestant to be “Ready to the crown” is Nia Sanchez! Miss USA

We think he has had the opportunity to seize the Crown of miss universe. She is very beautiful, has perfect posture, his face like a doll. She also has the aura of a Queen. A very interesting fact in nia is he’s a taekwondo! Rarely a beauty queen who has talent like that.

Talking about problem of beauty contests, including Nia is tough! Failure is not the end of everything he’s always optimistic. ..

She is nia achievement beauty pageants and eventually represented the USA at the Miss Universe to 2014. Miss California USA 2010 (2nd Runner-up) |  Miss California USA 2011 (Top 20) | Miss California USA 2012 (Top 20) | Miss Nevada USA 2014 | Miss USA 2014. With the experience of nia in the beauty pageant, pageant, the toughness of her in her competent , the Crown of miss universe ready earned her. 👸😊

All photos by Fadil Berisha 


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