Miss International 2014 | Valerie Hernandez

Valerie Hernandez from Puerto Rico as the winner of the Miss International pageant in 2014. In a position 1st RU won by Miss Colombia (Zuleika Suárez). Miss Thailand (Punika Kulsoontornrut) Holds a position (2nd RU), while Miss United Kingdom Holds the position (3rd RU) and Miss Finland grabbed the Position (4th RU). Argentina, Brazil,Indonesia, Mexico and Panama in the row of the Top 10.
Winner Of The Special Award. : Miss Colombia (Miss Friendship) Miss India (Miss Internet Vote) the Best National Costume award achieved by Indonesia. Miss France won the Miss Perfect Body and Miss Colombia won Best Dresser.
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Indonesia Won Best National Costume.

Interesting story from Miss International 2014 : 

  • Miss Colombia Won 2 Titles: winner of Special Award plus grabbed a position 1st RU.
  • Miss Thailand: one-one of the Asian countries reached the highest position in the Miss International 2014 (2nd RU)
  • Miss Indonesia: 7 year wait finally managed to enter the Top 10. Amazing!
  • Miss India: very surprising not to enter the top 10. Unplaced India factor is the evening gown. Evening gown miss india votes is very disappointing. Very unfortunate.
  • The Philippines, which became one of the highlights has to swallow the bitter pill. their representatives are not successfully drove the Top 10. Ambition Back to Back just bememories. The Philippine pageant Fans judge the failure of the Philippines due to theevening gown worn by Bianca Guidotti is very disappointing.
  • Miss Netherlands. : Miss Wasted Beauty. Highly seeded wins World pageant by fansand some of the sites of the World pageant instead unsuccessfully drove Top 10. Last year the Netherlands grabbed a position 1st RU … the Nethelands this year no luck.
  • Miss Venezuela: what happened at one of the Power House of this Pageant. Unplacedin Miss International, 2014. One of the factors the miss VENEZUELA Unplaced due to overweight. Quite unfortunate.
  • Miss Puerto Rico: not seeded but managed to win the Miss International pageant in 2014. Amazing!

“The defeat is not the end of everything.. make the defeat as a whip to his more successful future ” ~ Pecinta Kontes Kecantikan. 

Congratulations for the winners

Photo Credit :  Various sources


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