New Photo of 3rd Miss Universe 2013 ~ Ariella Arida

05bc0a60-23c0-11e4-a310-2daa976de53c_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-9 94e0f780-23bd-11e4-b504-dd98f879c57e_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-5 ce25e010-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-1 91350680-23bd-11e4-b504-dd98f879c57e_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-2 d6f85420-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-11 d3040f80-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-8 da1090a0-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-13 dc630c20-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-14 df339140-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-15 d1724bf0-23bc-11e4-8170-1fca933d7252_Yahoo-Ariella-Arida-6


Photography: Rxandy Capinpin
Styling: Kai Magsanoc
Makeup: Myr Lim of Make-Up Designory Philippines
Hair: Raquel Panes of Make-Up Designory Philippines
Location: Marco Polo Ortigas

Source : Yahoo Philippines 


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