ANALYSIS : Mister International 2013 by Vargaz Achmad (Guest Jugde )

Haiii Miss Ita …. Thank you for your confidence …:)
The following 6 Contestant who stole a lot of attention: pageant fans


1. Venezuela: having neat reply structure makes him very likely occupied the throne of MI2013. Plus the ability she wrote passable English plus carries a potent factor Sash “Venezuela”.


2. Czech Republic: his good looks which Men owned Europe clearly plastered real on this man. Have a sense of courage and confidence is high keeps her reply could not be regarded lightly. In addition he had a Body and sex appeal which makes the womenfolk to its knees.


3. Turkey: born with the blood of the Middle East makes him have a typical face of yg and yg strong facial structure. Her ability to communicate and run above the catwalk made him often wara wiri on the catwalk and often become targets of Turkey’s most famous Photographer.


4. Lebanon: last year’s winner of the pageant have differing Dr. country. This year Lebanon also sent a representative who is not inferior to its predecessor cetarnya. Have a typical reply gaze make this easy man captivated the audience and pageant fans. It is not impossible Back To Back will also apply in Mister International.


5. Brazil: the country never seems to lack stock ladies and gentlemen of quality. Brazil’s success at the Miss Universe and Miss World will also positively impact on this man. Athletic body, handsome face, wrote a good communication skills make him quite dijagokan.


6. Indonesia: efforts of this man is worth a thumbs up. Her reply was athletic but still looks skinny now transformed into the ideal reply and sexy body. Could not create imaginary State pageant fans next to its knees on him. Besides armed with host, this man has the ability to catwalk yg no doubt its communication capabilities and also the more okay. Yg posture tall, handsome face and a lot of yg fans make him stronger in the event.
The rest: Mexico, Peru, the Philippines, and the slovak republic.
Thank You Mr.Vargaz Achmad !

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