Miss World Tour – Chinese New Year Dinner

http://www.missworld.com/ Yesterday evening Miss World Chairman Julia Morley & Miss World Wenxia Yu were invited as guests of honour to the Chinese Consulate Madame Wang’s residence for an early celebration on the Chinese New Year. Miss World had met Madame Wang earlier in the week at the Welcome Dinner party, and made such an impression that she was invited to yesterday evening’s gathering.

With the Chinese New Year fast approaching, the evening was an early celebration and a chance for Miss World to be with fellow nationals at this important time. Wenxia was given the honour of switching on the lights for the festive tree, and also once again was asked to perform a few songs for the assembled crowd, who were very appreciative of her talent.

The evening included a traditional Chinese New Year Meal, as they welcomed the coming of the Year of the Snake. The Year of the Snake hold special importance for Wenxia, as she herself was born in the Year of the Snake, making 2013 extra special for her.

Mrs Morley & Miss World have been invited back to Perth by Madame Wang later in the year to launch a new Beauty With a Purpose initiative.

Tonight Miss World will be attending the Variety National Convention, before continuing her World Tour at the weekend where she will be travelling to the Philippines.

Wenxia & the New Year Tree @ Chinese New Year Meal, Perth

Julia Morley & Yu Wenxia @ Chinese New Year Dinner, Perth

Wenxia Yu & Madame Wang @ Chinese New Year Dinner


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