Miss World Tour – IGA Variety Scholarship Awards

Wenxia @ the IGA Variety Scholarship Awards Wenxia @ the IGA Variety Scholarship Awards

http://www.missworld.comThe 17th Annual IGA Variety Scholarship Award Evening took place on the 5th of February at the Heath Ledger Theatre situated at the State Theatre Centre, WA, With Miss World Chairman Julia Morley and Miss World Wenxia Yu invited as special guests.

The evening was a celebration of achievement and a chance to further the dreams of children who show true potential despite their challenging lives, whether it be from illness, disability or other disadvantages. 28 Scholarships were awarded to the value of $88,000 which will fund their endeavors across a whole range of artistic and sporting activities, from classical ballet dancing to wheelchair basketball.

The guests of the event were treated to many performances from those involved with Variety and previous scholarship winners, including the Variety Children’s Choir, and a stunning piano and vocal performance by a young blind girl who silenced the audience with her beautiful rendition.

Wenxia took part in the award ceremony presenting the scholarships to the recipients on stage. Speaking at the event Wenxia said she felt “Privileged to be a part of such a wonderful event, which highlights the true spirit of these amazing children.”

Earlier in the day Wenxia took part in a photo-shoot for the cover piece of the Australian Sunday Times. You can see the behind the scenes photos here.


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